Shop For BH E-Motion And Gazelle eBikes Now

Over all the Gazzelle Innergy and the BH E-motion are very similar to each other, both boasting impressive features.

The gazelle's electric motor is found in the front wheel assembly, this is balanced out by the battery being situated within the rear rack's construction. The wiring for the electronic system is routed through the frame which makes for a tidy appearance and keeps it safe from wear and tear.

BH has adopted a different way of incorporating their electric assistance system within the bike. The motor is situated in the back wheel, and the battery is cleverly hidden as part of the bikes frame. All wiring is also internally routed.

Both bikes have a good balance due to their motor/battery location relationship. During testing of these bikes, i found there was quite a significant difference between the two bikes as far as riding feel goes.

The gazelle's acceleration is smooth and feels like an exponentially increasing curve as you gain speed, this acceleration varies in intensity as you cycle through the power modes. Due to the front wheel installed motor the bike feels like its pulling you along as, this can feel a little unstable when cornering while under power but the slick, grippy tyres ensure you stay on the road.

The BH E-motion accelerates more aggressively than the gazelle, but this can be adjusted by using the different power modes. As the motor is situated in the back wheel the bike feels like it is pushing you along as you accelerate instead of the pulling feeling you get from the gazelle. The front end of the BH is a little lighter than the gazelle and at times feels as if it was lifting off the ground as the bike was accelerating.

The gazelle is very comfortable to ride, which plays hand in hand with gazelle's innovation and bicycle quality. the gears are feel almost seamless, giving thanks to the 7 speed shimano nexus internally geared hub which is easily operated by a smooth grip shift.

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