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Elite Real Turbo Muin B+ Trainer

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Elite Real Turbo Muin B+ Trainer

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Experience the true feel of the road with progressive resistance...The Elite Real Turbo Muin B+ is a super-quiet wireless home trainer with direct transmission of power. It features the highly efficient transmission of rider-generated power by a direct connection between the trainer and the bicycle's chain. Just remove the rear wheel, connect the bicycle directly to the home trainer, and begin training, as you would on the road, by simply using the gear shifters. Resistance, both fluid-dynamic and magnetic, is managed electronically. Powered by Real Software technology, the Real Turbo Muin B+ perfectly simulates outdoor training.

Stable, secure and efficient frame:
Great balance and safety: the Real Turbo Muin B+ frame has great rigidity and lateral support so the home trainer remains stable even at high speed or maximum effort. The pulley system, with the latest generation of transmission belts designed by Elite, ensures that the force on the pedals is consistently transmitted to the resistance unit, so you will always make the most out of your indoor training sessions.

Perfectly smooth pedalling:
The oversized flywheel (194mm diameter and 6.9 Kg weight), rotating in silicone oil, ensures great pedalling smoothness, identical to that experienced during training or racing on the road. The wide resistance range is ideal for amateurs and pros alike.

High power output:
The power output of the home trainer (more than 550 Watt at 15 Km/h) can accurately simulate slopes of up to 18% . A high power output for indoor training sessions, based on cadence, power or sprints, can be generated by the improved internal flywheel, the quantity and quality of oil, the effect of the magnetic resistance (that allows for microvariations).

Innovative dual resistance system:
Real Turbo Muin B+ uses an innovative dual resistance system that benefits from the unique advantages of both fluid-dynamic and magnetic resistance. The fluid-dynamic system best simulates road riding with its smooth pedalling. The magnetic system adds high power output generation at low speeds to simulate the most difficult slopes.

SensorLess Cadence:
The SensorLess technology records cadence without having to install a sensor on bicycle's frame, making installing or removing a bicycle even easier.

Heart Rate Belts Compatibility:
RealAxiom B+ is compatible with all ANT+™ belts currently being sold. ANT+™ technology ensures the highest performances on precision, noise cancelling and connectivity range.

Real Software analyses and displays all training data:
• RealVideo -2 RealVideos included
• Training Programs
• Test Conconi
• Training Test
• My RealVideo
• Web Race
• GPS Import Data
• Geolocated Races

Compatible with App My E-Training:
My E-Training app, available for iOS and Android Smartphones and tablets, manages an interactive, challenging and exciting indoor training experience. Compatible with ANT+™ and Bluetooth Smart sensors.
My E-Training displays and manages power, cadence, heart rate, speed, time and distance data.Smarter Training:
ANT+™ Wireless and Bluetooth Smart transmission. Total interaction between App/Software/Devices with ANT+™ trainers protocol (FE-C).

• Innovative Magnetic and Fluid Resistance System
• Sturdy and Strong Aluminium Frame with Wide 4-Point Base
• Progressive Resistance Up Through Your Gears
• Frame Can Be Folded For Easy Transport or Storage
• High Power Output
• Perfectly Smooth Pedalling
• Sensorless Cadence
• Compatible with App My E-Training
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