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EM's Power Bites Original Sports Cookie 30g

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Created in New Zealand by nutritionist Emily Miazga, a three-time multi-sport World champion, and believer in all things natural, healthy and sustainable, these little Power Bites are designed to fuel any adventure. Unlike traditional energy and recovery bars, which are often too big, these bite size Power Cookies are convenient little pocket treats that you can get down very quickly! Combined with a sports drink or electrolyte replacement, just one of Em’s 30g Power Bites should sustain you through 60 minutes of flat-out riding.
• Just one 30g Power Bite should sustain you for 60 minutes of flat-out riding
• Designed for high-intensity racing
• Perfect for energy-conscious snackers
• Energy booster for sport or meal replacement snack
• Loaded with real dark chocolate, plump raisins, and plenty of other goodies like coconut and natural yoghurt
• Nearly 50% less fat than conventional cookies
• Shredded coconut provides dietary fibre and heart-healthy saturated fats
• Dark chocolate provides powerful antioxidants and heart-healthy saturated fats
• Raisins are loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, natural sugar and fibre
• Use before, during or after exercise or as snack
• Glycaemic Index (G.I) = Low 50

Nutrition average per 30g serve
• Energy: 494.4kJ
• kcal: (118.2kcal)
• Protein: 2.1g
• Fat - Total: 4.2g
• Fat - Saturated: 2.4g
• Carbohydrate: 18.2g
• Sugars: 11.0g
• Sodium: 74mg
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