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ENVE SES 6.7C DT240/Power Tap G3 Carbon Clincher Wheelset (Shimano/SRAM)

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ENVE SES 6.7C DT240/Power Tap G3 Carbon Clincher Wheelset (Shimano/SRAM)

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Simply put, the SES line-up plays host to some of the highest levels of strength-to-weight ratios, race-ready stiffness, and watts-saving aerodynamics that we've ever seen. And of course, the ENVE SES 6.7 Carbon Clincher Wheelset is a shiny apple in this family tree.

As part of the ENVE Smart System, SES series, the 6.7 carbon clincher uses ENVE's most sophisticated technology and engineering techniques in order to ensure a fast, stiff, and aerodynamic wheelset. The 6.7's aerodynamic design starts with the size differential of the wheels. ENVE accounted for the different behaviours of front and rear wheels, and designed the 6.7s with the front wheel that's 60mm deep and 26mm wide, while the rear wheel is 70mm deep and 24mm wide. The front wheel's shallow profile and wide stance helps decrease drag in windy conditions. On the other hand, the rear wheel's depth decreases drag, because stability is less affected at the aft position of the bike. According to ENVE, the 6.7s create a low drag number rivalling many competitors' 60mm wheels.

Outside of consistent aerodynamic performance, the most noticeable advantage of the 6.7 carbon clincher wheelset is its enhanced stability. The 6.7 demonstrates stellar results under the ENVE Stability Index, a series of tests that incorporate the measurement of transient aerodynamics. In the wind tunnel, the front wheel is subjected to quick changes in wind degree at set yaw angles, and the steering torque of user-correction is then measured. The test represents real-world conditions, and surprisingly, ENVE is one of the only non-Formula One manufacturers to conduct it. The 6.7 shape was developed as a result of these tests, and it ensures predictable airflow attachment over the rim, regardless of crosswind. In a crosswind, the 6.7 experiences a build-up of side-force equal to the changing angle of the wind, and the predictability prevent the need for rider over-correction.

The Smart System 6.7 clincher is not only aero, but it's also lightweight, stiff, and strong. The ENVE SES series boasts the highest strength-to-weight ratio on the market, and this is due in part to ENVE's patented process of moulding in-spoke holes, nipple seats, and valve stem holes. Knowing that carbon fibre gains strength from continuous fibres, ENVE routes the fibres around each hole in a 100% intact design. This design allows a lower weight at the spoke face, and adds overall rigidity to the rim. When built, the moulded design promotes both higher spoke tension and tension uniformity than the industry standard of bladder moulding. Another aspect of the 6.7's light weight is due to ENVE's use of removal bladders during the moulding process. While most composite rim manufacturers leave the rim-shaping, inflatable bladder within the rim, ENVE spends the time and money to remove it. This time-consuming process reduces rim weight, and makes for a perfectly tensioned wheel build.

And outside of incredible strength-to-weight ratios and insane levels of compliant rigidity, ENVE has also taken the time to ensure that you can stop at great speeds -- an all-too-common ailment of the carbon clincher. To do so, the 6.7 has been given a textured braking surface that promotes a positive engagement with your pads, even in wet conditions. So, you can descend like a banshee without the worry of overheating or only being able to scrub speed.
• Rim Material: Carbon Fibre
• Tire Type: Clincher
• Rim Depth: [front] 60 mm, [rear] 70 mm
• Rim Width: [front/outer] 26 mm, [rear/outer] 24 mm
• Brake Compatibility: Caliper with carbon pads
• Hubs: DT Swiss 240 Front / Power Tap G3 Rear
• Skewers: Included
• Spokes: DT Swiss
• Spoke Nipple: Alloy
• Spoke Count: 20/24
• Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years
• Actual Weight: 1620g
• ENVE skewers
• ENVE carbon specific brake pads
• ENVE valve extenders
• ENVE rim tape
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