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Joe's No-Flats Eco Tubeless System XC Presta 17-21mm

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Joe's No-Flats Eco Tubeless System XC Presta 17-21mm

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Joe's No-Flats Eco Tubeless System Conversion Kit for Presta Valve XC rims contains Joe’s new generation sealants which are Latex-free, Ammonium-free and Protein-free. What great news for people with an allergy or sensitivity to latex or protein! It's even better news for bikes with sensitive rims and tyres! Joe's Eco-friendly sealant is specifically engineered to deal with holes up to 6 mm and will also seal wall bleeding (air leak from the thin side walls). This Tubeless Conversion System is definitely the most important upgrade available for a dedicated cyclist. In fact Tubeless technology is not the future – it's the present! Get into it!
Package contains:
Everything you need to convert two 26", 27.5" or 29" standard XC mountain bike rims and tyres to tubeless
• 2 x 125ml bottles Joe's ECO Sealant with micro-sealing particles
• 2 x High quality rubber tubeless strips with integrated Presta valves & removable cores
• 1 x Presta to Schrader valve adaptor for easy inflation
• 1 x Replacement Presta valve core
• 1 x Roll nylon rim tape for 2 wheels
• 1 x Valve key
• 2 x Applicator tubes for easy insertion of the sealant
• 1 x Installation instruction guide with photographs and easy step-by-step explanations in 7 languages

Recommended dosage for 1 x bike wheel, tubular, tubeless, or innertube
• 50-60 ml per wheel

For effective puncture resistance, add fresh sealant every 3-6 months depending on quantity and weather conditions
• 125mL bottle is good for 1-2 Mountain bike wheels
Benefits of tubeless system are:
• Saves you hundreds of dollars in comparison with a dedicated tubeless system
• Reduces weight where it's most important - at the outside of the wheel
• Offers better protection against flats and no snake bites (pinch flats)
• Decrease of rolling resistance means you go faster with less effort
• Gives the option to ride with reduced air pressure in the tyres to increase traction without fear of snake bites
• Eco-friendly sealant that's Latex-free, Ammonium-free and Protein-free
• Converts standard rims and tyres to tubeless
• Seals holes up to 6 mm
• Seals wall-bleeding (air leak from the thin side walls)
• Fits XC mountain bike rims | 26", 27.5" or 29" | 17-21mm inner rim width
• Fits rims with FRENCH/PRESTA valve hole openings
• Perfect for people with allergies, or sensitivity, to latex, protein or ammonium
• Designed to secure the tyre inside the rim with no loss of air from the rim
• Colour code: BLUE
• Do not inflate with C02 cylinders
• Best inflated with floor pump or air compressor (avoid using mini-pump)
• Compatible with Mountain bike Tubeless, Tubeless Ready, Tubeless conversion, Tubular and Inner Tubes
• Bottle size: 125mL | 4.2oz (2 x bottles supplied)
• Weight: 50 g per strip including valve
• Category: Tubeless Conversion Kits
• Suits: XC/Mountain bike wheels 26", 27.5" and 29"
Compatible with mountain bike rims (17-21mm inner width)
• 26" wheel ::: 19-21mm
• 27.5" wheel ::: 18-20mm
• 29" wheel ::: 17-19mm
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