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Mavic Ksyrium Pro Exalith SL Limited Edition 700x25c Clincher WTS Rear Wheel Black

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Mavic Ksyrium Pro Exalith SL Limited Edition 700x25c Clincher WTS Rear Wheel  Black

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Now available in Limited Edition. The Ksyrium Pro Exalith SL is a lighter and stiffer version of Ksyrium Pro Exalith. It pushes weight-saving one step further, making it a high performance choice for any kind of ride. Like the Pro Exalith, this wheel features the same Fore technology and Zicral spokes that bring higher stiffness and strength at a very low weight. They have a racer's responsiveness, lightweight performance, with a smoother, deeper rim. It also features the Exclusive Exalith technology, a chemical treatment of the aluminium alloy that slows down wear, notably at the brake track. It also shortens braking distance by 20% in dry and wet conditions, and provides a stunning all black finish, including on the brake track that will keep its colour for thousands of kilometres.

The rim uses ISM4D technology to keep weight and inertia very low, saving four watts in aerodynamics. In addition, it uses Mavic's patented and unique Tracomp - Traction/Compression - technology on the rear wheel. It was first introduced on the R-Sys wheel where they have been able to lower the wheel weight again by 10%, while increasing lateral stiffness by 30%. A traditional wheel works with spokes that are only tensioned. The spoke tension provides the frontal and lateral stiffness and keeps the wheel components together. But under lateral loads, half of the spokes will see their tension increase, and the other half will see it lowering. When the load is very heavy, some spokes might completely lose their tension, which provokes a sudden loss of wheel stiffness, something that most cyclists have experienced at some point. The traditional way to avoid that is to increase the spoke tension, which results in poor fatigue resistance for both spokes and rims. Tracomp overcomes this issue by allowing the spoke to work both in traction and compression. Under heavy loads, instead of losing their tension, Tracomp spokes will enter into compression and keep the wheel supported with a high lateral stiffness.

To achieve this, the spokes need to be round and hollow (tubes) so they won’t buckle when compressed and clamped on both ends by a nipple that is bonded to the spoke and directly threaded into the rim using the Fore drilling technology with a ring inside the hub that locks the spoke head and prevents the spokes from travelling inside their slots. Also, carbon to provide the desired weight saving and extra stiffness during the tension phase as carbon fibres don’t stretch as much as steel or aluminuim alloy. Because these spokes don’t suffer loss of tension, the overall spoke tension can be lower, which means the wheel components last longer. The Tracomp carbon spokes dampen road vibration and since they allow for a very wide wheel dish, the vertical compliance of the wheel adds comfort too. The result is a superlight 1355g wheelset that offers super high lateral stiffness and great comfort.

The Ksyrium Pro SL comes with Mavic's Yksion Pro tyres which offer a great balance of grip, rolling resistance and a low weight of only 205g in 25mm thanks to the supple 127 TPI casing, Kevlar beads and our well-balanced rubber compound. The front wheel comes with the Griplink version that offers a specific tread pattern which helps evacuate water when cornering to increase confidence and speed in difficult conditions. It also offers very strong Kevlar puncture protection to improve safety. The rear wheel comes with the Powerlink version, which uses a more supple nylon puncture protection instead of Kevlar to lower rolling resistance. Mavic also optimized the tread pattern so pressure on the ground is reduced. This reduces rolling resistance and increases speed even further, while also improving water evacuation from the centre to increase traction and efficiency in wet conditions.
• Material: Maxtal - Light and strong
• Height: 26mm asymmetrical
• Joint: SUP - Stronger and smoother joint
• Drilling: Fore - Stiffer and stronger
• Brake track: Exalith 2
• Weight reduction: ISM 4D
• Valve hole diameter: 6.5 mm
• Tyre: Clincher
• ETRTO size: 622x15C
• Recommended tyre sizes: 23 to 32mm

• Material: Front and rear drive side - Zicral, Rear non drive side - carbon fibre
• Shape: Front and rear drive side straight pull bladed double butted, rear non drive side - Tracomp
• Nipples: Fore integrated aluminium
• Count: 20
• Lacing: Radial non-drive side, crossed 2 drive side

• Body: Aluminium
• Axle material: Aluminium
• Adjustable sealed cartridge bearings
• Shimano /SRAM 10/11sp compatible
• Freewheel: FTS-L steel

• Yksion PowerLink
• Clinchers
• Tread: Single Compound
• Casing: 127 TPI
• Breaker: Front Kevlar, Rear nylon
• Dimension: 25-622 (700x25c)
• Max. Pressure: 25mm 7.7 bars - 110 PS

• Tyre 700x25: 210g
• Rear without tyre: 750g

• BR601 quick releases
• Exalith brake pads
• Multifunction adjustment wrench
• Tracomp ring tool
• User guide

• ASTM CATEGORY 1: Road only
• For a longer longevity of the wheel, Mavic recommends that the total weight supported by the wheels doesn't exceed 120kg, bike included
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