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PeakFuel Energy Gel 64g Tube Espresso Rush

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So much easier to flip a lid and push out the gel than to deal with that tiresome struggle to rip the top off a gel sachet. PeakFuel's great-tasting energy gels are jam packed with essential minerals, sugars, and caffeine to get you over the finish line in great shape.
The whole tube is designed for single-session-use only and will fuel 2 hours of exercise. Consuming small amounts regularly (every 10-15 mins) will deliver maximum performance benefits.
This product contains no preservatives, artificial flavourings, colourings or sweeteners and is completely Gluten Free.
• Great tasting flavour
• Easy to use - just flip a lid and push the gel out
• Designed to sustain 2 hours of exercise
• Short chain sugars provide that initial burst of energy
• Long chain sugar component provides 40+ mins of energy
• Caffeine included to increase the speedy effectiveness of the gel
• Single use only - once opened all must be consumed
• No preservatives, artificial flavourings, colourings or sweeteners
• Gluten Free
• Contents: Corn Syrup, Sucrose, Water, Coffee (1%), Flavours, Sea Salt, Citric Acid (330), Potassium Chloride (508), Caffeine
• Suits: Training Sessions | Event use
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