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Slime 24" x 1.75-2.125" SV Self-Sealing Tube

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Slime 24" x 1.75-2.125" SV Self-Sealing Tube

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Slime Self-Sealing Inner tubes come pre-installed with Slime Tube Sealant. They install like a regular tube and repeatedly seal tyre punctures for up to 2 years! The best reason for buying them is their ability to increase your chances of getting home should the tube become punctured. NO bike should be without these tubes. They're highly recommended.
• Factory-filled with the precise quantity of Slime Tube Sealant to deliver on all Slime claims
• Designed to seal tread area punctures
• Instantly seals punctures up to 3mm (1/8") using Fibro Seal Technology
• Non-toxic, Non-corrosive, Cleans up with water
• Installs like a standard inner tube
• Schrader Valve
• Suits: Cruiser, Kids Bikes

Fits 24" tyre sizes:
• 24 x 1.75"
• 24 x 1.90"
• 24 x 2.00"
• 24 x 2.10"
• 24 x 2.125"

Fits 507mm tyre sizes:
• 507mm x 47mm
• 507mm x 50mm
• 507mm x 51mm
• 507mm x 53mm
• 507mm x 57mm
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