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SRAM RAIL 50 27.5 (650B) XD 10x135mm Tubeless Rear Wheel (with 12x142mm Adaptor)

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SRAM RAIL 50 27.5 (650B) XD 10x135mm Tubeless Rear Wheel (with 12x142mm Adaptor)

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Take it out on the trail with the RAIL 50. SRAM’s rugged build is perfect for the all-mountain or enduro crowd, offering a wide profile rim for increased stability and traction. Designed for the aggressive rider, SRAM has struck the prime balance between lightweight, durability and stiffness, meaning less flex and rolling resistance, for a much more reliable and predictable ride.


This hub shell design takes straight pull spoke slots and stacks them two-by-two—distributing force perfectly around the wheel’s SOLO SPOKE design. The resulting wheel dish is wider, maximizing lateral stiffness while retaining some frontal compliance.

Side Swap™
Switching axles has never been easier. Threadless side caps can be installed and replaced by hand—no tools necessary. Side Swap Symmetrical side caps are identical, so both fit in either end of the hub.

Solo Spoke™
With SOLO SPOKE, you’re never wrong. SRAM wheel design eliminates the need for different spoke lengths—one size fits the entire wheel. This identical-length design means no longer wondering whether you have the right front/rear/drive-side/nondrive-side spoke handy.

Taper Core™
Strong in the right places. The sidewalls of SRAM rims are reinforced along the wings to withstand major impact. However, the sidewalls then taper in along the centre, reducing overall mass. The result is a very light rim with excellent dent resistance.

UST Tubeless
No tube, no-brainer. UST TUBELESS rims feature hooked edges designed to seal with UST compatible tyres. The result is improved traction and control, less inertia and fewer flats.

Wide Angle™
Hit corners at full pace. SRAM wheels have a wider rim profile without significant added mass. This profile holds tyre shape better, preventing tyre roll and giving you superior comfort and traction around corners.

XD Driver Body™
XD is a new cassette driver body design that allows the use of a 10 tooth small cog and provides an improved interface with the cassette.
• Compatible with SRAM XX1 or XO1
• Discipline: All-mountain / Enduro
• Size: 27.5” (650B)
• Lightweight aluminum rim with asymmetrical Taper Core profile
• Rim Width (internal): 23mm
• Rim Width (external): 28mm
• 11-speed XD™ Driver Body
• UST Compatible
• Spoke Count: 24
• Spoke Pattern: 2 Cross
• Type: Alpina custom – straight pull
• Rim Shape: UST – asymmetrical 2.5mm offset Taper Core
• Rim Material: AL-6061 T6
• Spoke Length: Solo Spoke design with double butted, stiff steel spokes
• Nipples: External AL with nylon lock ring
• Durable hub internals with Star Ratchet system
• Side Swap easy conversion to all axle types
• Double-Decker hub shell design
• Includes 12x142mm adaptor
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