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Zipp Aero Stainless Steel Quick Release Skewer Set Silver

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Zipp's Stainless Steel Aero Quick Release Skewers hit all the points people want in a skewer. They're light, 85g for the set. They're durable, with all-metal assembly including conical brass washers for the lever arm to pivot against. And they look good.
The skewers have something else going for them. They're aero. The "bullet" shape lever is fairly straight and small and effectively hides behind the fulcrum of the lever. This design is aero, provided you set them up so the lever arms are hiding from the wind. Do this right and you can save two watts of effort.
While the design is minimal, it's also very obvious. While the outer side of the arm, when closed, is round, the inner side is flat. This makes it easy to tell when a lever is open or closed. A small, but important safety feature.
The Zipp Black Aero Stainless Steel Quick Release Skewers make your bike better.
• Pair (Front and Rear)
• 85g for the set
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