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absoluteBLACK Oval Boost 148 Cinch DM RaceFace Chainring Red

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Direct Mount Chainring Compatible With RaceFace Cinch System Cranks This absoluteBLACK OVAL BOOST 148 CINCH DIRECT MOUNT CHAINRING FOR RACE FACE is designed for CINCH system RaceFace users to mount a chainring directly to the crank. With unique Patent Pending narrow-wide teeth profiles your chain will stay in place for a minimum of 12 months. If you have a 4-arm RF crank, look at the 104BCD Oval ring. It has 6mm offset. Why Choose A Boost148? The difference between Boost148 and non-boost chainrings is in the offset/dish of the chainring itself only. You would use same crank in both boost and non-boost bikes, but chainring offset has to be different to accommodate chainstay clearance. Boost chainrings have only 3mm offset while non-boost ones 6mm. Maximise The Power Of Your Pedal Strokes A rider does not produce power evenly through their pedal strokes so this premium absoluteBLACK OVAL BOOST RACEFACE CINCH DM N/W CHAINRING is crucial for those who want to maximise the part of the stroke where power is produced and minimise resistance where it isn't. Try absoluteBLACK OVAL and never look back Oval Chainrings Produce A Round Feel In Pedal Strokes Oval rings make the spin cycle a lot smoother and are easier on legs while climbing. The fact is that a round chainring doesn't transfer torque to your rear wheel as smoothly as an Oval one. You will actually feel your stroke to be more "round" with an Oval shape than with a round chainring.
• Oval chainring to maximise your pedal strokes • 1X RaceFace Boost 148 direct mount Oval chainring • Designed for RaceFace cranks with the CINCH system • Narrow-wide tooth profile keeps the chain snug • No chain guide required • Direct Mount • Spiderless • For BOOST 148 specific bikes • For FAT BIKES (when reversed) • Optimised to work perfectly with Eagle 12spd • Works with 1x10/11/SRAM 12sp or Singlespeed setups • Not Shimano 12 speed compatible Bonus Points For These • Reduces stress on knees • Long-lasting construction • Makes the spin cycle a lot smoother • Much easier on legs while climbing • Greatly improves traction and climbing abilities • Will keep your chain in place for minimum 12 months • Weigh less because they don't need the spider and chainring bolts • Special 3D teeth machining for ultimate mud relief decrease wear and noise dramatically Compatibility • RaceFace Cinch system cranks • RF Next SL G4, Next SL, Next R • RF SIXC • RF Turbine • RF Atlas • AEFFECT • RIDE CINCH cranks • 9, 10, 11 and 12spd Eagle compatible Specifications • Brand: absoluteBLACK • Colour: Red • Ring Type: Single (anti-chain-drop) • Arm x BCD: Cinch Direct Mount (Boost/3mm offset) • Chainline: 52mm (3mm offset) • Weight: 26T (52g) | 28T (54g) | 30T (58g) | 32T (62g) | 34T (69g) | 36T (75g) • Material: CNC machined 7075 Txxx Aluminium • Finish: Type II Anodising • Ovality: Optimised to each size separately • Range: 10.2-14.4% • Timing: of 110.5-116.3° after TDC (top dead centre) • Chain Options: 10, 11 or 12spd chain for geared bike or 6-9 spd for SS • More Chain Options: If used in 1x9 drivetrain - 10spd chain must be used to obtain the performance, and yes - 10spd chain will work great on 9spd cassette