Backcountry Research Mutherload 2.5cm Frame Strap Purple Haze

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Frame Mount What You Want, Where You Want It Once you have your very own BACKCOUNTRY RESEARCH MUTHERLOAD FRAME STRAP you can say goodbye to juggling ride essentials, rubber bands or one-handed cinching because this little beauty lets you mount what you want, where you want it, anywhere on your frame. Sticks To Your Frame Like "Poo To A Shoe" No matter how many knocks it takes this strap will truly stick to your frame like "poo to a shoe" even over the most demanding XC/Enduro race courses and trails anywhere. Dual Shockcord Retention System The pre-load section is where the two shockcord retention straps hold your tubes, levers and inflation canisters etc. before attaching the lot to your frame using the adjustable hook and look strap. This retention system also helps to prevent your goodies from falling to the ground during installation. Fits Most Standard & Carbon Frame Sizes The BACKCOUNTRY RESEARCH MUTHERLOAD FRAME STRAP adjusts to accommodate frames as small as 101mm (4") in circumference (think steel frame) all the way up to a 228mm (9") circumference carbon frame. Holding Capacity The strap itself is 58cm long and has a width of 25mm (1"). It's designed to hold a standard 26", 27.5" or 29" tube by itself or pair with up to 2 x canisters (16g, 20g or 25g), a multi-tool, mini pump, levers or whatever combo you like. If you want a wider strap try the MAGNUM version of the MUTHERLOAD FRAME STRAP. It is 38mm (1.5") wide. Made With Long-Lasting, Rugged Materials The Mutherload Strap is super-lightweight (45g) and constructed with rugged, long-lasting materials. It is sewn with #92 industrial UV and rot resistant bonded polyester thread. And, while these straps are incredibly easy to swap from one bike to another, they are available in such a huge variety of colours, and so reasonably priced that you could just as easily buy one for each bike in your garage. How To Load Simply centre the tube on the grip-strip and pull the dual shockcords up and over the ends of the tube to lock it down, then flip it over and slide in your choice of inflation, multi-tool or levers. How To Mount Frame your bundle where you want it with the tube and shockcords facing the frame. Feed the slack end through the contoured loop and reef before sealing via the hook & loop strap. Please note that the 'retention straps' shown in our product images are the updated version of the 'inner pre-load strap' shown in the video link.
• Frame strap mounts what you want, where you want it • Gear stays put no matter how rough the terrain • Sticks to your frame like "poo to a shoe" • Dual shockcord retention system • Pre-load straps keep gear more tightly bound • Holds tubes, canisters, multi-tool, levers etc. • Picker free and won't snag shorts • Glove-friendly pull points • 25mm (1") width easily fits in tight spaces • 580mm strap length • Weighs just 45 grams • Intuitive on/off design • Safe for carbon frames • Heavy-duty Bartacks used on all shockcord stress points Additional Appealing Features • Easy to swap from one bike to another • Quickly and easily mounts anywhere on your frame • Adjusts to accommodate most frame sizes • Multiple hook & loop contact points • Offers multiple mounting options • Made strong using top-shelf materials • Clean-up is easy, hose off or throw in the wash • Built in Bozeman, MT, USA • Sewn with #92 industrial UV and rot resistant bonded polyester thread