BBB BBL-47 CodeArmor 18x1000mm Straight Cable Combination Lock

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BBB has all the best tools & accessories for maintaining and protecting your bike. This CodeArmor Combination Lock Cable is ideal for those wanting to secure their 'pride and joy' against theft. The 1000mm long cable also has a PVC coating which protects your bike frame paintwork from chips & scratches. When not in use the lock can attach to your frame using a BicycleLock CableTie Bracket (BBL-93) or CableFix Lock Holder (BBL-92) each sold separately. 18mm Thick Twisted-Steel Cable The BBB CodeArmor lock (BBL-47) comprises thick and durable Armor Steel with a twisted inner steel cable core which at 18mm thick offers a high level of security against dishonest opportunists. The strong metal lock mechanism is equipped with a 4-digit numeric code which you set yourself and can change as often as you like.
• BBB CodeArmor Combination Lock Cable (BBL-47) • Security level 9 - High (on scale from 1 to 12) • Extra protected durable lock • Strong, metal lock mechanism • 18mm thick Armor Steel & twisted inner steel cable provides maximum protection • 4-combination numerical code • Owner changeable combination code • Easy to install and remove • Fits most frame tubes • Compatible with BBB CableFix (BBL-92) Lock Holder • Compatible with BBB CableTie (BBL-93) Lock Holder • PVC cable coating protects bike frame paintwork from chips & scratches • Instructions included on custom-setting combination lock Specifications • Length: 1000mm • Cable Thickness: 18mm • Weight: 625g (incl. retail packaging) • Country of Manufacture: China