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Bike Hand - Tool Kit for Shimano

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Bike Hand - Tool Kit for Shimano

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Tired of waiting a long time to get your bike booked in for a service? Is keeping your bike running in tip-top shape getting expensive? Save Money! Have Fun! Learn How to Fix Your Own Bike! Why DIY? Learning how to do simple bicycle repairs and knowing how to replace parts of your bicycle will save you hundreds of dollars in labour, not to mention not having to wait for your bike to be repaired! Saving money isn't the only main benefit! Learning how to adjust your brakes, headset, tighten pedals, cranks, or even taking your bike apart for cleaning is very rewarding, as you will have even greater ownership and connection with the bike. Doing your own regularly scheduled maintenance will save you money and keep your bike running smoother without having to take it to the shop. When you do-it-yourself, you have the freedom to adjust your bike as much as you like, without the restrictions of booking a time with the local bike shop for a time to bring in your bike, and then waiting for it.

Simple Bicycle Repair Jobs
1. Adjust Headset (check stem)
2. Bottom Bracket Adjustment (check pedals)
3. Adjust Front Wheel Hubs
4. Adjust Rear Wheel Hubs
5. True Wheel (adjust spoke tension)
6. Adjust Brakes (adjust brake pads)
7. Adjust Rear Derailluer (shifting adjustments)
8. Adjust Front Derailluer (shifting adjustments)

• Tyre repair kit•Interchangeable phillips/flat screwdriver.
• Freewheel remover (for shimano cassette, cr-v steel, for use with 1/2 driver and 24mm spanner)
• Small screwdriver for derailleurs adjustment
• Freewheel turner (chain whip)
• Bottom Bracket wrench engaging.
• Bottom Bracket wrench (for fixing the bolt of chainring.)
• Spoke wrench
• Cartridge bottom bracket tool (shimano type and isis driver.
• Shimano splined, oversized bottom bracket and from isis driver.
• 2 steel hub-cone wrenches (13x14x15x16mm)
• 15mm Pedal wrench, and 14x15mm box wrenches.
• Chain remover (suits Shimano HG/UG/VG. come with one remover pin, and one chain pin.
• Tire lever set (long type 2pcs)
• L type T25 wrench
• 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm hex key wrench set (4/5/6mm ball-end)
• 8mm hex key wrench (for crankarm removal) & 14/2 adaptor (for socket tools)
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