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Bike Hand YC-169 Pro Line Hydraulic Brake Tool

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Using hydraulic fluid instead of a cable gives a clean, crisp, braking experience and creates far less total drag on the brake system. Routine servicing of your bike can be very frustrating without the right tools but, thankfully, the Bike Hand YC-169 Proline Hydraulic Brake Tool is designed exactly for this purpose. This strong, wedge-shaped lever slides into your hydraulic disc brake calliper to pre-set the piston when replacing pads, aligning pads, and performing other service procedures. It definitely makes hydraulic disc brake maintenance and repairs a lot faster, and so much easier.
• Allows user to insert new pads by pushing caliper pistons apart
• Slides into hydraulic disc brake calipers to pre-set the piston when replacing pads
• Great to use when aligning pads and performing other service procedures
• Compresses the hydraulic piston by pushing the brake pads apart
• Makes hydraulic disc brake maintenance and repair faster and easier
• For use with hydraulic brakes
• Designed for speedy servicing and pad replacement
• Strong, ergonomic rubber, handle with wedge-shaped lever
• Material: Steel
• Weight: 220g (including product packaging)
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