Biknd Helium V4 Air-Cushioned Bike Travel Case Blue/Black

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The Biknd Helium V4 Bike Travel Case was created for globetrotters who travel with their bicycles on airplanes, trains or buses, and thanks to its minimal dimensions, travelling with a bicycle has never been simpler. The Helium V4 is light and easy to carry. It fits easily in the trunk of even the smallest cars, and its revolutionary inflatable padding offers unrivalled protection to your precious cycle.

The Biknd Helium V4 uses a combination of light, flexible materials and strategically positioned rigid reinforcements, allowing it to offer excellent protection at a surprisingly low weight of only 9 kg (19.8 lbs) making it very easy to respect the strict baggage weight restrictions imposed by many airlines. The Helium V4 will work with road, cyclocross, triathlon, and mountain bikes. The limits on sizing are only that a road frame with an integrated seat mast longer than 70cm (27 inches) is too tall to fit, and that a mountain bike with a wheelbase longer than 114.3cm (45 inches) is too long to fit. The Biknd Helium V4 bicycle case is also suitable for owners of bikes with the thru axle system and quick release system, fitting them with ease.

This bike travel case features special compartments to allow the carriage of an extra wheelset and also includes a roomy zipped cavity to stow your helmet, shoes and other essentials such as spare tubes & jerseys etc. Developed with the input of pro cyclists, whose lives involve frequent air travel with bikes, the Helium V4 is simply the best bike case on the market today. It offers unsurpassed protection against impacts and allows you to pack your bike with only minor disassembly and without changing the adjustment of its components.

When it’s all zipped up and ready to go, the bag measures 130cm long by 37cm wide by 85cm tall (51" by 14.5" by 33.4"). With two rear wheels and two front caster wheels, it’s very easy to roll this baby through an airport. There’s also an adjustable front handle and six, side handles so your hands naturally fall at a pick up point on the bag when you're ready to move. As an added security measure you can lock the case with a travel lock.

Box Contents:
• 1 x Biknd Helium V4 Air-Cushioned Bicycle Travel Case
• 1 x Pump for inflating the air cushions
• 1 x Fork mount
• 1 x Axle to sit in the rear dropouts
• Padding to go over the crankset and right chainstay
• Slide-on pads to cover the fork
• Slide-on pad to protect the stem
• Discs to cover and protect the hubs
• Hook and loop straps to secure the bike frame in position
• Adaptors so the fork mount and axle can work with not only standard quick releases, but 12, 15, 20mm front thru axles, and 135, 142, and 150mm rear axles

Read on for more information on the Biknd Helium V4 Bike Travel Case

360° Opening
• Opening flat to the floor the Helium V4 cycle travel case allows full 360° access to the mounts in the base which secure the bike frame during transit as well as providing an easy means to make use of the wheel storage compartments.

Inflatable Protection
• The biggest innovation inside the Helium V4 is its network of inflatable partitions, strategically positioned on either side of the frame. They offer more stability and protection to your bike frame & wheels at a much lower weight than other systems on the market. The partitions are held in place by hook and loop straps, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Once you’ve packed your bike and accessories, you simply fill the case’s inflatable protections. It’s as easy a pumping up a tyre. A conveniently located opening on the side of the case allows easy access to the inflation valve. When you're ready to go, simply slip the pump into the stowage compartment conveniently located on the side of the case. This cleverly designed inflatable protection integrates perfectly with the anchoring system inside the case to guarantee the kind of top-quality protection which will ensure that your bike reaches every destination in the same condition it was in when you packed it.

Travelling By Air With The Helium V4
• Because of their large volume the airbags in the Helium V4 never reach a very high pressure and, as such, are not at risk of bursting while being held in the low pressure environment of an airplane baggage compartment. Just like bicycle tyres will not blow up during air travel, the inflatable walls inside the Helium bike case will be easily able to withstand pressure fluctuations. The weight limits for airline travel bags vary from one company to the next. You should always enquire about rules and restrictions before setting out on your trip. You should also always inform your airline or travel agency that you will be travelling with a bicycle when booking your ticket.

• Travelling on airplanes, trains or buses with a bicycle has never been simpler
• Sturdy enough to ship your bike via a package delivery service
• Requires only minor disassembly of your bike
• Revolutionary inflatable padding for unrivalled protection
• Fits easily in the trunk of even the smallest cars
• 360º opening provides convenient access for packing and unpacking
• Special compartments inside for an extra wheelset
• External pocket at the top of the bag added storage
• Zippered pocket inside the front shell for stowing helmet, shoes, pump, spare tubes etc
• Solid hard plastic base made of high molecular weight Polyethylene
• Front end is protected by a solid Polyethylene shell which folds up from the base
• Air pillow cushions pad the area between your wheels and the woven exterior of the case
• Best inflated with the provided pump after the bag sides have been zipped together
• Easy-to-use pump (supplied) makes inflating fast and simple
• Nylon panels prevent wheels from having direct contact with bike frame
• High-tech air cushions built to survive in airplane cargo holds
• Accommodates bikes with thru axle system
• Approved by the TSA (U.S. Travel Security Administration)
• Folds easily for convenient storage
• Suitable for Road Bike frame with integrated seat mast shorter than 70cm (27 inches)
• Suitable for MTB frame with a wheelbase shorter than 114.3cm (45 inches)
• Wheels: 2 x Rear wheels | 2 x Front casters
• Handles: 1 x Adjustable front handle | 6 x side handles
• In-Use Dimensions: 130cm x 37cm x 85cm (LxWxH) | 51” x 14.5” x 33.4”
• Packed-Down Dimensions: 137cm x 33cm x 38cm (LxWxH) | 54” x 13” x 15”
• Weight: 9 kg | 19.8lbs (when empty, whether folded or not)
• Suits: Road | Cyclocross | Triathlon | Mountain Bikes
• Warranty: 4 years against defects in materials and workmanship (from date of purchase)
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