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Boeshield T-9 Squeeze Dripper Waterproof Lube 4oz

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Boeshield T-9 was developed and licensed by The Boeing Company to fill their need for a superior lubricant/protectant of aircraft components as extensive research proved that none of the Teflon, Silicone or Synthetic lubrications held up when exposed to wet and dirty environments. The formulation, based on a unique combination of solvents and waxes, is designed to penetrate metal pores and dissolve minor corrosion, then leave a resilient coating that lasts for many months.

Spray on and wipe off. BOESHIELD T-9 will dissolve itself and flush out any other lubricant. For best results soak thoroughly, preferably for 2 hours or more {overnight recommended} then wipe off residue. After wiping off BOESHIELD T-9 it will dry quickly leaving no sticky film to attract dirt. Once dry, BOESHIELD T-9 will not wash off in rain or mud. Washing with water will remove sand, dust and grime but NOT THE LUBRICANT.
• Penetrates Deeply
• Displaces Moisture
• Dries to a CLEAN Paraffin film
• Lubricates and protects for up to 300 kms
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