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Campagnolo Athena Power-Torque 175mm 39/53T 11sp Crankset Black

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Campagnolo Athena Power-Torque 175mm 39/53T 11sp Crankset Black

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The most evident changes to the new Athena are immediately noticed on the first shift. The new design of the chain up shift and downshift zones makes shifting extremely fast and precise. The axle of Athena™ is the brand new Power Torque System™, which makes it possible to obtain very high values of torsional stiffness and efficient power transmission, without increasing the lateral bulk. Now let’s talk about the technology.

X.P.S.S™ incorporates a project with a specific goal: giving Campagnolo's new 11-speed groupsets the best shifting performance possible. The new design of the chains up shifting and downshifting has been analysed to the smallest detail with mathematical functions to simulate possible movements of the chain on the chainrings and design optimal angles. Furthermore, repeated lab tests on the speed and precision of the shifting action have allowed Campagnolo to complete the product's optimization.

We have also reviewed the profile of the chainring teeth, to enhance efficiency and compatibility with the 11-Speed chain and the cleverly-shaped derailleur. This contributes to making the movement of the chain extremely quick, even under load.

Indeed the secret of this amazing result is a perfect combination and integration of all the drive train's components. Each one of them is designed to perfectly fit and work with the rest. This is the only way you will be able to enjoy the extraordinary performance of the new X.P.S.S™ system.

In the power-torque system, the axle is a single piece, firmly fixed to the right crank of the crankset. The perfect coupling between bottom bracket and left crank is assured by the special geometry of the two components, a solution that guarantees the maximum reliability.

To make the bottom bracket more efficient, Campagnolo also worked on the inner part. Thanks to an elaborate sequence of thicknesses, they were able to obtain an incredibly light axle while offering an absolute response in terms of rigidity. Thanks to the studies conducted by the Campy Tech Lab™ engineers, material was removed in the zones that could be lightened, but at the same time the points of maximum stress were strengthened. Only in this way was it possible to achieve such a high technical value.

A careful study of the dimensions made it possible to maintain the lateral measurements already appreciated with the Ultra Torque™ system, thus guaranteeing the maximum freedom of movement and reducing the possibility of contact with the rider's shoes. The Campagnolo® engineers concentrated on ensuring that installation and servicing would be extremely simple. The most complicated work has been done, so now it's up to you to carry out four simple steps to fit the Power Torque System™ crankset quickly and with no potential for error.
• Forged alloy cranks
• Light alloy fixing bolts and nuts
• Light alloy, silver anodized rings
• Chainrings with XPSS (eXtreme Performance Shifting System)
• 8 pins on the outer chainring
• Integrated Power-Torque axle
• Optimal positioning of the ball bearing seat reduces friction to the minimum, reduces mechanical stress, and protects the ball bearings from water and dust to assure consistent performance over time
• Optimised U and Q factors means space is optimised between ankle and crank, leading to maximum lateral and torsional stiffness
• Differentiated chain upshift and downshift zones
• Weight: 736g
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