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Cannondale Slice RS Headtube Cable Guide Black

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Cannondale Slice RS Headtube Cable Guide Black

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First designed for time trial enthusiasts, the Cannondale Slice RS had some geometric obstacles to becoming a great triathlon bike, but Cannondale used the perfect design elements to overcome those shortcomings. Take the cabling for example. The cable housings run into the fork, and turn with the handlebars. This prevents the cables from kinking and dragging when you turn the bars. The cable housings can also be cut much shorter than other superbikes, improving aerodynamics quite noticeably.

While it requires careful and patient set-up the results are well worth the extra time it takes. When the shift cables enter the frame, they are routed through an ingenious little cable carrier, then through the frame, making only 2 turns (one at the head-tube, and one at the bottom bracket). Cannondale was careful to make a wide radius at both points where the cables turn so that slow shifting and kinked cables become a thing of the past. The Cannondale Slice RS Headtube Cableguide allows cables to be routed through the top of the stem and into the downtube via its innovative cable stop and guide design. This is not only super-aero, but also allows the bars to turn freely, eliminating any effect of cable housing on steering.
• Suits Cannondale Slice RS cycles
• KP280 part number
• Improves aerodynamics
• Prevents cables from kinking and dragging
• Cables and housing thread into the integrated stem
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