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Crank Brothers Eggbeater Pedal Tread Contact Sleeves Black

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You own the lightest & greatest mountain bike pedals in the world (CB Eggbeaters) and you love them to bits, but if you've ever noticed that yours have a little too much movement and play side-to-side then these Tread Contact Sleeves are exactly what you need to get that fixed. Included in the kit are several plastic "rings" of varying thicknesses which are designed to clip onto your Eggbeater pedal to provide additional contact between the bottom of your shoe and the pedal body.

Simply remove the existing plastic rings off your Eggbeater 11, 3 or 2 pedals and replace them with a matching pair of tread contact sleeves. You can choose between 1mm, 2mm or 3mm thick versions, depending on the distance between the sole of your shoe and the pedal body, though it's best to start off with the 1mm version and work your way up until you've eliminated the play. You'll still maintain the float and pedal engagement/release that is so important with the Eggbeater pedals, and each sleeve features an internal lip that locks into place on the pedal body, so they'll stay nice and tight too.

So, if you're keen to eliminate any unwanted distance between the sole/tread of your chosen shoe and the pedal body; and you want to rid yourself of excessive lateral play due to the lack of support from the pedal body, then grab a set of Crank Brothers Eggbeater Tread Contact Sleeves today and in no time you'll be falling in love with your Eggbeaters all over again.

• Designed to work with Eggbeater 11, 3 and 2 models
• Sleeves simply snap-on while an internal lip lock ensures they stay nice and tight
• Retains float and pedal engagement/release
• Compatible with new generation Eggbeater pedals
• Tightens the interface between the shoe tread and pedal
• Reduces excessive lateral play due to the lack of support from the pedal body
• Thicknesses: 1mm | 2mm | 3mm (all included in set)
• Set includes 2 pairs of each thickness to fit both pedals
• Material: 64D Urethane
• Weight: 2 g (each)
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