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Douchebags You Just Can't Live Without
When travel is your life, good bike bags and frame protection accessories are the key to making your life a whole lot easier. Once you own a Douchebags "The Savage" bike travel bag you can transport any type of mountain bike from Freestyle bikes to Downhill as well as "plus-size" bikes safely and securely.

Carries Road Bikes Too
It's also handy to know that with the simple addition of a Douchebags Road Bike Handlebar Adapter to the mix (sold separately), The Savage will also carry any type of road bike with a curved, detachable handlebar. Happy travels!


Douchebags Roll Cage
Inspired by the life-saving roll cages used in racing cars, the construction of The Savage centres around the unique and patented Douchebags Roll Cage. This internal framework offers superior bike protection against impact and pressure loads compared to a conventional soft bag. Because of the aluminium frame, The Savage performs like a hybrid combination of a soft bag and a hard travel case and offers a very good protection-to-weight ratio. The self-standing nature of the Roll Cage provides added structure to the bag along with unparalleled stability and load balance.

Being a soft bag The Savage can be collapsed between trips. It can be easily compressed to 35% of its full size for convenient, space-saving storage. At 11.8 kg it weighs much less than a hard case bag too. The generous length of the bag allows bikes with long wheel bases up to 130cm to fit inside.

Detachable Fork Protector
Included with the bag is a detachable fork protector. It has padded compartments for the suspension fork and MTB handlebars. The fork protector is also compatible with Douchebags Road Bike Adaptor for transportation of a road bike.

Integrated Wheel Compartments
Integrated into the design are interior wheel compartments. They're designed for wheels from 26" to 29" and include rigid PE-plastic boards and ABS rods to protect brake discs and spokes.

Handlebar Protection
The Savage offers enhanced protection of the handlebar gear and brake shifters. One end of the handlebar is protected by a padded pocket on the fork protector and the other end of the handlebar is protected by Douchebags unique handle bar protector. The addition of a Douchebags Road Bike Handlebar Adaptor to the mix (sold separately) will render the bag able to carry any type of road bike with a curved, detachable handlebar. The bar can be fitted onto either right or left side of the adaptor and is easily adjustable with 38mm webbing and buckles.

Secure Fastening Of The Bike
The self-standing structure of the patented Douchebags Roll Cage allows for the very efficient attachment of the bike to the bag. The bike is mounted inside the cage in a centred, upright position and secured with straps. To keep the bike steady during transportation, all the bike straps feature buckles with locking levers. These prevent the straps from slipping and the bike from shifting position while in transit.

Hook-Up System
The Savage Bike Travel Bag is also compatible with Douchebags Hook-Up System. This makes it possible to dock other Douchebags luggage and packs to the bag.

Internal Stash Pocket
For your convenience an internal stash pocket for pedals and tools is strategically positioned inside this Douchebags The Savage Bike Bag.

Tensile Fabric Structure
Working in collaboration with the support structure of the Douchebags Roll Cage, the fabric walls of the bag create a strong protective shell by applying tension to the fabric, much like that of a drum skin. The tensile fabric structure helps the bag to maintain its shape and protect the bike from harm by creating a distance between the bike and the fabric walls.

Reinforced Construction
Special care has been taken to add reinforcement with webbing and Hypalon fabric at all known wear points and high-stress areas to ensure quality and durability of the product over time.

Interchangeable Parts
Douchebags are doing their bit for the planet by fitting The Savage Bike Travel Bag with replaceable wheel housing and plastic feet. They are mounted with screws instead of rivets under the bag which makes it possible to easily replace any broken parts instead of being forced to discard the entire bag in the event of a damaged component.

Preparing The Bike On The Side Of The Bag
Preparing the bike for transportation is very easy and can be done on the side of the bag. Simply attach the bike to the bike block and the fork protector before you install the bike to the bottom track in the bag. The assembling and disassembling of the Roll Cage frame is quick and easy and requires no tools.
• Douchebags The Savage Bike Travel/Transport Bag
• One size bag fits all
• Douchebags Roll Cage included
• Hybrid design incorporates best elements of soft bag and hard case
• Extra-long to fit bikes with long wheel bases up to 130cm
• Integrated wheel compartments
• For wheels 26"-29"
• Rigid PE-plastic boards and ABS rods to protect brake discs & spokes
• Secure fastening with locking levers
• Fork protector (with padded compartments)
• Internal stash pocket for pedals and tools
• High tension fabric walls
• Self-standing bag
• Extra reinforcement to all wear and tear points & high-stress areas
• Replaceable wheel housing and plastic feet
• Hook-Up System compatible
• Strong, heavy-duty zipper

• Any type of mountain bike from Freestyle bikes to Downhill
• Plus size bikes
• Any type of road bike with a curved, detachable handlebar
Note: Requires Douchebags Road Bike Handlebar Adapter (sold separately)
Note: Fork protector is compatible with Douchebags Road Bike Adapter

• Model Name: The Savage
• Cargo Capacity: 340 Litres (total)
• Frame Material: Aluminium
• Closure Type: Zip Closure
• Length: 145 cm
• Width: 30 cm
• Height: 87 cm (38 cm when packed down)
• Transforms from 340 Litres to 120 Litres
• Weight: 11.8 kg
SKU# 218A12
Package ID: Oversize

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