Effetto Mariposa CarboMove Part Removal Spray 200ml

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Free Up Seized Bike Components Made in Italy and extremely effective for freeing seized bicycle components, Effetto Mariposa CarboMove Release Spray is both a penetrating oil and a powerful solvent all rolled into one handy aerosol canister. Won't Damage Carbon Composites It won't damage carbon composites or metals and easily cleans up any left behind traces of CarboGrip. If you're trying to remove a blocked/seized aerodynamic seat-post or a stubborn threaded bottom bracket this could be just the thing to help you get the job done. The Helping Hand You Need Here at Pushys we think Effetto Mariposa CarboMove is the product you're going to reach for if the bike components in question have been assembled 'dry' or not with the correct products. Repositioning or removing them can become a real challenge to even a seasoned pro. So, before resorting to brute force why not try giving CarboMove a shot. Even in desperate cases its ability to penetrate between the surfaces of your components and facilitate their movement can turn out to be the very helping hand you needed. Possible Use Suggestions • Removal of a seat-post • Removal of threaded bottom brackets • Removal of aerodynamic extensions from their clamps • Removal of traces of glue from the frame (vinyl stickers) • Removal of CarboGrip
• Effetto Mariposa CarboMove Part Removal Spray • Penetrating oil & powerful solvent in one • 200ml Aerosol canister • Helps to free seized bike components • Loosens aerodynamic seat-posts • Removes CarboGrip risiduals • Won’t damage carbon composites or metals • Removes glue left by vinyl stickers on frame • Some situations may require a 24hr wait after spraying to see results Specifications • Dimensions: 180 x 60 x 60mm (H x W x D) • Weight: 195g • Volume: 200ml • Country of Manufacture: Italy Directions For Using CarboMove On A Seized Seat-Post Create a funnel by wrapping the seat tube with packing tape, leaving it open around the seized seat-post. Spray CarboMove abundantly inside the funnel, in order to have the interface between seat-post and seat tube constantly moistened. Let it rest for a few hours. If necessary give it another spray if it appears to be drying out. Check if the seat-post starts to move. If it’s still stuck, spray again and leave for another few hours before attempting to separate them again. NOTE: The length of insertion of the seat-post into the bicycle frame heavily affects the duration (and success) of the operation. If the seat-post is inserted for more than 20 cm, the task becomes very difficult. It is sometimes useful to turn the bicycle upside down, remove the bottom bracket and spray CarboMove inside the frame from there. In situations where aerodynamic seat-posts are involved CarboMove is the best and only option since these components are not round and cannot be twisted apart.