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Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ Indoor Trainer

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Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ Indoor Trainer

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Total interaction between App/Software/Devices with ANT+ trainers (FE-C) protocol...The Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+ Wireless magnetic home trainer with electronic resistance adjustment and Elastogel roller develops a wide range of electronically managed resistance. It features ANT+ Wireless and Bluetooth Smart transmission. Included is 6 months of free App My E-Training. “Level Training” option is free to use without limit - an exciting and technically sophisticated virtual coach that travels with you whatever your destination. Manage power, cadence, heart rate, speed, time and distance directly from your smartphone or tablet.

My E-Training includes:
• My RealVideo: train with Elite RealVideos and download hundreds of free user-created My RealVideos
• Base Training: constant power training sessions, levels, pre-set programs
• Conconi test: establish your anaerobic threshold value.
• Training test: an evaluation test that helps you create month-long personalized indoor training programs.
• Maps races: create races the world over with Google Maps.
• Multiple users: the app allows for multiple users on the same device.
• Easier training program creation: all-new graphics editor simplifies program creation.
• Video Playlist: create a playlist from training videos on your device.
• Share results: to track of your performance over time, training data can be saved, exported (CSV - comma separated values, Strava Tcx format) or shared on social media.

Crono System:
On the roller as it would happen on the road. This exclusive system, designed and introduced in 2005 and subsequently developed by Elite, allows to faithfully simulate real world riding, where weight and power have an influence on how a rider performs. The weight of the athlete rests directly on the roller as it would happen on the road, having an influence on the effect of a rider’s power output - for example, a 90kg rider travelling at 30km/h speed has a different power output than a 60kg rider. By using the rider’s weight to push the tyre into the roller we ensure that this is automatically factored in.

Better grip, superior performance and greater durability. The specific material properties of an Elastogel roller offer better performance due to increased tire grip with a consequent reduction in energy lost during pedalling. Elastogel also reduces the noise level and extends product life due to its superior strength. Elastogel, a special cast polyurethane elastomer, is the result of extensive research and testing that has allowed its elastic properties and mechanical strength to be optimized. It offers outstanding resistance to wear and abrasion and minimizes permanent deformation under even heavy loads and over a wide range of temperature-30°C (86°F) to 80°C (176° F). Polyurethane is obtained from a controlled polymerization reaction of a polyol and an isocyanate within defined temperatures and times.
• Supplied with qubo frame. Includes the compass Crono system that faithfully reproduces road-like conditions (weight/power).
• Extremely stable frame
• Compatible with wheels from 20" to 29"
• Fast fixing locking system
• Elastogel roller: 50% less noise, reduces tyre wear by 20% and improves tyre grip
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