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Elite Real E-Motion B+ Training Rollers

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Elite Real E-Motion B+ Training Rollers

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The feel of the road, as you've never experienced it before….The Elite Real E-motion B+ combines for the first time Real software technology with the most innovative roller on the market. The free-float frame with integrated braking system effortlessly maintains balance while pedalling, also during slopes or while standing: a whole new way of training for those who love free rides on rollers. The integrated resistance unit on the two rear drums, wirelessly connected to the PC, instantly coordinates the screen display and resistance level. You can run your favourite video races or plan personalized training sessions, with altimetry, slope, power, heart rate, speed, and cadence displays a tap away. The software includes a "How To" feature that guides you through all of the software’s functions; learning and mastering the software (even the most advanced features) is quick and easy.

Integrated Resistance Unit:
The electronically controlled braking system is magnetic (therefore very quiet) and allows to perfectly adjust resistance compared to the parameters of the training / simulation.

Resistance supplied by both rear drums:
Braking power comes from both rear drums, thus ensuring great pedalling roundness. Such an accurate resistance calibration is obtained through the calculation of braking power, which considers the weight of the rider and the friction it generates.

Free Floating System:
Free Floating is a longitudinal oscillation system that absorbs the inertia generated by the movements of the cyclist, making pedalling while maintaining balance much easier and creates a stable platform for all levels of training from the amateur to the pro. The stability, safety and freedom you will experience with Free Floating will allow you to ride out of the saddle and even sprint during training. The level of oscillation can be calibrated to meet the cyclist's needs.

Safety Front Wheels:
Two wheels on the edges of the front roller drum guide your wheel back to the centre of the drum, helping you to maintain balance and to increase safety.
The parabolic roller drums (Ø85mm at the centre and Ø100mm at the edge) are perfectly balanced and concentric and help keep the wheels centred.

SensorLess Cadence:
The SensorLess technology records cadence without having to install a sensor on bicycle's frame, making installing or removing a bicycle even easier.

Heart Rate Belts Compatibility:
Real E-Motion B+ is compatible with all ANT+™ belts currently being sold. ANT+™ technology ensures the highest performances on precision, noise cancelling and connectivity range.

Real Software analyses and displays all training data.
• RealVideo
• Training Programs
• Test Conconi
• Training Test
• My RealVideo
• Web Race
• Import Data GPS
• Geolocated Races

Compatible with App My E-Training:
My E-Training app, available for iOS and Android Smartphones and tablets, manages an interactive, challenging and exciting indoor training experience. Compatible with ANT+™ and Bluetooth Smart sensors.
My E-Training displays and manages power, cadence, heart rate, speed, time and distance data.
• High power output (600 Watt at 30 Km/h) accurately simulates slopes up to 6-8%, the maximum allowable while maintaining balance.
• The distribution of resistance to both rear drums eliminates skipping and ensures a high level of synchronization.
• The “floating system” allows the roller frame to follow the longitudinal movements of the bicycle and to absorb pedal strokes to create a true road experience
• All communication between the PC and the home trainer are carried out through ANT wireless technology, no cables or other devices are needed.
• The software displays and analyses and stores all training data.
• Real Software Ready.
• Integrated resistance unit
• Compatible with Road and MTB bicycles
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