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Elite RealAxiom B+ Indoor Trainer

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The thrill of a real road race..state-of-the-art electronics and an advanced software system for high-level performance and total realism...The RealAxiom B+ is a high range wireless electronic home trainer (ANT+™ wireless) that connects to a PC and simulates real road conditions by coordinating resistance to rider speed and slope values. The RealAxiom B+ realistically simulates outdoor riding and allows you to train indoors on those rainy, snowy or windy days or when it is to dark to ride safely. You can use it during the long and cold winter months or throughout the year to prepare for important races and to evaluate and improve your training and athletic performance. This home trainer adjusts resistance automatically based on rider speed and the course selected. The computer screen displays a video synchronized to the bicycle's speed, and shows important training data such as speed, power, heart rate, pedal cadence, slope and elapsed time.

Swing System Frame:
The reinforced frame of 50mm diameter tubing creates a very stable and safe bicycle + home trainer setup. The new Swing System frame (compatible with wheels from 24'' to 29'') ensures excellent training biomechanics and a realistic road-like experience.

Resistance Unit:
The high power output (more than 1200 W at 40 Km/h) accurately simulates slopes of up to 10%. The large flywheel with a high moment of inertia delivers smooth pedalling at even the highest power levels and steepest slopes. The large diameter Elastogel (exclusive to Elite) roller reduces tyre wear by 20% and noise level by 50%. Elastogel is a techno-polymer developed by Elite and tested by Padova University labs. Data transmission between the home trainer and other devices is wireless and uses the ANT+™ protocol. The ANT+™ protocol is very safe from interference, especially from devices in close proximity.

Fast Fixing Locking system:
Mounting your bicycle is quick and easy with the Fast Fixing locking system:
It's fast: simply pull down the lever to clamp the bicycle.
It's safe: the lever securely clamps the bicycle to the home trainer.
It's easy: only one hand needed.

The handlebar-mounted wireless console lets you manage the software without stepping off the bike, and allows you to activate/deactivate programs and to manage data displays without interrupting your training.

SensorLess Cadence:
The SensorLess technology records cadence without having to install a sensor on bicycle's frame, making installing or removing a bicycle even easier.

Travel Block:
The Travel Block raises the front wheel and levels the bicycle to give you the correct riding position.

Heart Rate Belts Compatibility:
RealAxiom B+ is compatible with all ANT+™ belts currently being sold. ANT+™ technology ensures the highest performances on precision, noise cancelling and connectivity range.

Real Software analyses and displays all training data:
• RealVideo -2 RealVideos included
• Training Programs
• Test Conconi
• Training Test
• My RealVideo
• Web Race
• GPS Import Data
• Geolocated Races

Compatible with App My E-Training:
My E-Training app, available for iOS and Android Smartphones and tablets, manages an interactive, challenging and exciting indoor training experience. Compatible with ANT+™ and Bluetooth Smart sensors.
My E-Training displays and manages power, cadence, heart rate, speed, time and distance data.
• Reinforced frame with mega 50mm tubing provides a stable platform
• Swing system frame provides a realistic road feel through a natural sense of tilt and sway as you ride
• Elastogel roller is ultra-quiet, wears tires slower and won't spin out under hard efforts
• Software adjusts magnetic resistance according to speed, weight, and gradient, simulating slopes up to 10%
• Real software lets you program your own courses, or import GPS data to duplicate your favourite rides
• Transmits to any ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart devices
• Metrics include heart rate (chest strap not included), power, speed, elevation, crank RPM, distance, time, slope and more
• Add any ANT+ chest strap to run Conconi tests and determine your maximum anaerobic and aerobic threshold heart rates
• Includes front wheel block
• This Trainer is capable of generating up to 1200 Watts of power
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