ENVE Carbon Adventure Fork 27.5"/29" 12 x 100 Black

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ENVE Carbon Adventure Fork 27.5"/29" 12 x 100 Black
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Adventure Designed The Adventure fork from ENVE has been designed from the ground up for Adventure bikes. The fork provides a lighter weight option for bike packers and frame builders, while still maintaining reliability and strength. Three-pack accessory mounting on the fork legs, as well as fender and rack mounts provide ample gear packing capabilities. The dynamo light and charger routing is an integrated and protected solution to self-supported bike riders’ needs. Max Tyre Clearance 55.5mm Rake • Largest 29" Tyre - 2.3" • Largest 27.5" Tyre - 2.6" 49mm Rake • Largest 29" Tyre - 2.1" • Largest 27.5" Tyre - 2.4" Lightweight ENVE worked with a wide array of custom bike builders e to find the exact features and geometry needed to bring bikes to life in a lighter weight package. The fork offers bike packers an opportunity to lighten their overall bike load through our trusted carbon fibre fork expertise. Adjustable Rake Chip The fork chip option gives builders versatility in the fork by adjusting the axle-to-crown for different bike geometries for alternative bike packing methods.
• Weight: 575g • Crown Race Diameter: 1.5" • Steerer Tube Length: 350mm • Material: Carbon • Rake: 49/55.5mm (Flip Chip) • Axle to Crown: 406mm (55.5mm Rake) • Axle to Crown: 398mm (49mm Rake) • Brake: Disk Mount • Brake Mount: Flat • Low Mount Rack Capacity: 18kg • Front Mount Rack Capacity: 10kg • 3-Pack Mount Capacity: 3kg • Dynamo Routing • Axle Compatibility: 12x100mm • Rotor Compatibility: 140 - 160mm • Torque Steerer Tube: 5.5nm • Torque Axle: 8nm Included • 6 x Accessory Mounting Bolts • 4 x Set Screws • Compression Plug