ENVE M525 29" DT240 Boost 24H 110/148 Carbon MTB Wheelset (SRAM XD)

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ENVE M525 29" DT240 Boost 24H 110/148 Carbon MTB Wheelset (SRAM XD)

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A purpose built XC wheelset without limitations. Light enough to race, strong enough to ride daily and reduce fatigue and a more compliant ride through shape, laminate, and spoke-hole optimization.

Each rim and wheel model in the ENVE M Series is specifically designed for a refined application specific ride experience.
Paying tribute to the original M Series, the M5, M6, M7, and M9 Series follow the original M Series descent to climb ratios that are used to help you the rider align your ride preferences with the appropriate M Series wheel for you.
ENVE tune each M series wheel model to the intended application by tuning everything from hole count to the very carbon laminate used to create the rim's structure.

Full Carbon Laminate:
At ENVE, they only use the best materials in the construction of the rims. In this case, 100% unidirectional carbon fibre. Over the years they have developed and identified specific construction methods, resin systems, and manufacturing techniques that best serve the mountain application. The result is that each rim in the M Series, while sharing in pedigree, has a dedicated laminate to ensure the best on-trail performance. As an example, the forces inflicted upon a wheelset by a trail rider on a 130mm bike are very different than the forces exerted on a wheelset used for downhill racing on a 200mm bike. Therefore, the laminate is optimized to create a structure that achieves the desired impact resistance, stiffness, and compliance.

Hole Count:
Just as one rim doesn't serve all applications equally, the same goes for the actual number of spokes required to optimize the ride quality and experience. As such, the M525, a rim specifically designed for XC racing on short travel bikes features 24 spoke holes which saves notable weight and adds compliance for long hours in the saddle. On the other end of the spectrum the 32 spoke hole M9 Series and M7 Series wheels need to survive repeated intervals of descending technical terrain at sensory numbing speeds. In the middle, the M6 Series wheels feature a 28-hole count.
ENVE's patented Moulded Spoke Hole Technology offers a variety of benefits that ultimately result in a more durable and reliable carbon fibre rim and wheel. Visit Why ENVE for more details.

Wide Hookless Beads:
ENVE Wide Hookless Bead technology is found exclusively in the M Series 525, 630, 635, and 640 model wheels where weight savings is valued over ultimate high impact and pinch flat durability.
As carbon rims have become hookless and increasingly more durable, they have transitioned from rim failures to tyre failures. Wearing a tyre tread down to the casing is a thing of the past as most tyres are lucky if they survive 50 miles of aggressive riding over obstacle laden terrain. While destroying an expensive tyre on a weekly basis isn't affordable, it's a complete interruption of flow, and an utter buzzkill with a flat tyre, regulated to the side of the trail.

ENVE's wide hookless bead is the result of 2 years of carbon mountain bike rim development to address this above scenario. The result is a rim shape that features a wider leading edge of the hookless bead. This broad surface creates a more forgiving platform on which the tyre can bottom out and proves extremely effective in reducing the likelihood of "pinch" or "snake-bite" style flat.
In addition to greatly improving tyre performance and reliability, the wide hookless bead design beefs up the leading edge of the rim and allows for greater impact resistance.

ENVE Wide Hookless Bead (Patent Pending) delivers:
• 60% improvement in pinch flat resistance over other hookless rims
• Ability to run lower tyre pressure and improve traction and rolling resistance
• The option to run lighter weight tyres if desired
• A more forgiving buffer between rim and trail
• Greater impact resistance
• Rim Material: Carbon Fibre
• Brake Compatibility: Centerlock
• Hubs: DT Swiss 240
• Front Axle: 15 x 110mm thru-axle
• Rear Axle: 12 x 148mm thru-axle
• Spoke Count: 24 hole
• XD Driver
• Recommended Use: Cross-Country

Rim Specs: Front
• Rim Depth: 25mm
• External Width: 33.5mm
• Internal Width: 25mm
• Hole Count: 24
• Effective Rim Diameter: 29" 608mm
• Recommended Tyre Size: 2.1 in - 2.4 in

Rim Specs: Rear/b>
• Rim Depth: 25mm
• External Width: 33.5mm
• Internal Width: 25mm
• Hole Count: 24
• Effective Rim Diameter: 29" 608mm
• Recommended Tyre Size: 2.1 in - 2.4 in

Approved and Recommended Road Tyres:
• Mavic Yksion Elite UST >28mm
• Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless Easy 28mm
• Schwalbe G One Speed Tubeless Easy 30mm
• Maxxis Padrone Tubeless Ready 28mm
• Hutchinson Sector Tubeless 28 or 32mm
• Hutchinson Intensive 2 Tubeless 28mm

Whats in The Box:
• Tubeless Kit
• Accessory Bag
• Wheel Manual

ENVE Warranty:
Lifetime Incident Protection
ENVE Products are designed so you can ride and race with confidence. The ENVE crew know stuff just happens sometimes. This program was created to take care of those ill-fated mishaps and keep you rolling on your best wheels and in the ENVE family for life.

• Damage while riding & Damage from accidents
• ENVE will replace at no cost. Parts, labour and shipping all covered by ENVE

Requirements to Participate:
• Must be the original owner of the ENVE product.
• Product registration is recommended for prompt service. You will need your product serial number and proof of purchase from ENVE or an authorised dealer

5-Year Limited Warranty
ENVE warrants all rims, components, and hard goods purchased from ENVE or an ENVE-authorized distributor, to be free from non-conformance with ENVE material and workmanship specifications for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase, as shown on your proof of purchase.

• ENVE Rim, fork, handlebar, stem, seatpost and hub’s

Requirements to Participate:
• Must be the original owner of the ENVE product.
• Valid proof of purchase from ENVE or an authorised dealer
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