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ENVE M70 Thirty 29er ISO 15/12x142mm Tubeless Carbon Wheelset

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ENVE M70 Thirty 29er ISO 15/12x142mm Tubeless Carbon Wheelset

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The ENVE M SERIES ushers in a new era of carbon mountain rims that are ride tuned for discipline specific performance; and plays host to new ENVE technologies that promise a ride experience second to none. Stiffer, stronger, and lighter mountain bike wheels than ever before, the M70 Thirty 29er is a welcome addition for any big wheel fan that prefers to attack the downhill and take it a bit easier on the up.

Beadless Tyre Retention
The key to a good tubeless system is a tyre and rim that works harmoniously to create a seal at the byre bed of the rim. By eliminating the hook from the top of the rim sidewall, ENVE were able to produce their rims to more precise dimensions, allowing riders to run lower tyre pressures without the risk of unpredictable air loss or pinch flats.

Impact Resistant Construction
A no-compromise requirement of the MSERIES mountain rims was increased impact toughness. With a reputation built on durability, ENVE have worked tirelessly to up the ante in terms of rim durability and are proud to say that they have taken rim strength to the next level. The MSERIES features a proprietary rim shape and construction that mechanically improves durability and impact resistance across the board.

Ride Tuned
Each model in the ENVE MSERIES is designed with a specific rider profile in mind. In the past ENVE had classified riders into three general categories in a one size fits all XC, AM, and DH designation that worked well for some but left others wondering where they fit. The ENVE MSERIES features four completely new models that classify riders by the ride style that they most closely identify with. Each rim model is designated by a style ratio that represents a rider's inclination towards descending vs. ascending. M50fifty (50 % Descend/ 50% Climb) M60forty (60 % Descend/ 40% Climb) M70thirty (70 % Descend/ 30% Climb) M90ten (90 % Descend/ 10% Climb) Tuning each rim to a specific application meant creating a rim that is fittingly light, stiff, and durable for its intended application. As such, each rim in our next generation MSERIES is lighter and stiffer than its comparable first generation predecessor. Developing laminates that cater to a specific ride application is only part of the story. Each rim is optimized to perform within a range of specific tire widths that are most prevalent for the intended application. By refining the interface between rim and tyre ENVE create more precise and predictable handling characteristics and thus a more efficient wheel system.
• Rim Depth: 34mm
• Rim Width (inner): 25mm
• Rim Width (outer): 32mm
• Front Hub: Chris King ISO 15mm
• Rear Hub: Chris King ISO 12x142mm
• Hole Count: 32/32
• Spoke Lacing: 2 cross
• ERD: 591
• Finish: Unidirectional
• Weight (rims only): 962g
• Weight (total): 1773g
• Recommended for bikes with 150 – 190mm suspension travel and 2.3-2.4” tyres
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