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ENVE SES 4.5 Carbon Clincher Gen2 ENVE Alloy Hub Road Wheelset (Shimano/SRAM 11spd)

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Ultimate Everyday Carbon Fibre Cycling Wheelset The ENVE SES 4.5 is the ultimate everyday carbon fibre cycling wheelset and choice of Team Dimension Data. Road cyclists and triathletes looking to minimize the trade-off between aerodynamics, lightweight, and stability will find this the perfect wheel for their events. Improved Cornering, Acceleration, Impact Resistance and Weight Savings Because from the moment the first prototypes made the rounds at ENVE, it’s been the house favourite. The SES 4.5 rounds out the Smart ENVE System wheel line as a true mid-depth everyday cycling race wheelset. Additionally, the SES 4.5 features a refined shape and construction that yields better acceleration, cornering, impact resistance, and weight savings. Braking For the rim brake rider looking for uncompromised braking performance, ENVE’s textured full carbon brake track features industry leading heat resistance, uncontested stopping power, and modulation in wet or dry weather conditions. Aerodynamics The all-new SES rim profile has a significantly revised curvature and increased widths that are optimized for 25mm tyres in modern frames with greater clearances. This allows air to flow smoothly over the rim – it remains ‘attached’ – even at high crosswind angles and to reattach quicker after a strong side gust. These important advances make the 4.5 both extremely fast and stable for its depth. In challenging conditions, wind-steer is all but eliminated and side force builds and releases smoothly and predictably, so you can ride and race with complete confidence. Superior Carbon Laminate At ENVE, only the best materials are used in the construction of their rims. In this case, 100% unidirectional carbon fibre. Over the years ENVE have developed and identified specific construction methods, resin systems, and manufacturing techniques that best serve the application. The result is that each rim is optimized to create a structure that achieves the desired impact resistance, stiffness, and compliance.
• Class leading aerodynamics and weight • Incredible stability in gusty conditions • Second generation SES rim profile • All-new rim profiles of 48 and 56mm • Optimized width for 25mm tyres Rim Specifications • Depth: Front: 48mm, Rear: 56mm • Internal Width: Front: 18.5mm, Rear: 17mm • External Width: Front: 27mm, Rear: 25.5mm • Hole Count: Front: 20, Rear: 24 • Effective Rim Diameter Front: 563mm, Rear: 545mm • Aero Optimized Tyre Size: Front: 25c, Rear: 25c • Tubeless Compatible: Front: No, Rear: No Spoke Configuration • Cross: Front Radial, Rear 2X • Hole Count: Front 20, Rear 24 • J Bend Hub Specifications • ENVE Alloy • Quick Release: 100/130 • Material: Front and Rear, Aluminium • Hole Count: Front 20, Rear24 Wheelset WeightClincher Front Rear Wheelset • ENVE Alloy 681g 867g 1548g Included • Skewers 100/130mm • Brake pads 10mm (SRAM/Shimano or Campy) • Rim Strip • Valve Extenders (45mm set) • Accessory Bag-Wheel Manual • Wheelbuild Card ENVE Warranty: Lifetime Incident Protection ENVE Products are designed so you can ride and race with confidence. The ENVE crew know stuff just happens sometimes. This program was created to take care of those ill-fated mishaps and keep you rolling on your best wheels and in the ENVE family for life. Covers: • Damage while riding & Damage from accidents • ENVE will replace at no cost. Parts, labour and shipping all covered by ENVE Requirements to Participate: • Must be the original owner of the ENVE product. • Product registration is recommended for prompt service. You will need your product serial number and proof of purchase from ENVE or an authorised dealer 5-Year Limited Warranty ENVE warrants all rims, components, and hard goods purchased from ENVE or an ENVE-authorized distributor, to be free from non-conformance with ENVE material and workmanship specifications for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase, as shown on your proof of purchase. Covers: • ENVE Rim, fork, handlebar, stem, seatpost and hub’s Requirements to Participate: • Must be the original owner of the ENVE product. • Valid proof of purchase from ENVE or an authorised dealer