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ENVE SES 4.5 DT180 Carbon Clincher Wheelset (Shimano/SRAM 11sp)

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ENVE SES 4.5 DT180 Carbon Clincher Wheelset (Shimano/SRAM 11sp)

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With the new SES 4.5 Carbon Road Wheelset, ENVE have effectively smoothed the transition from climbing efficiency to speed across the flats. The SES 4.5 may in fact be the single best all-round wheel in the world.

Like the rest of the SES line, the 4.5s' rims are engineered to reduce lateral forces and increase aerodynamic benefits across a wide range of angles. The 4.5s' design also accounts for the different behaviours of front and rear wheels. The front wheel is 48mm deep and 27mm wide, while the rear wheel is deeper and skinnier at 56mm deep and 25.5mm wide. This decreases drag with a focus on increased stability up front, whilst taking advantage of the fact that the aft position has less of an effect on stability, rather focusing on aerodynamic gains in the rear.

The result is that the 4.5 handles crosswinds and gusts with the confident stability of a wheelset with half its depth, by building up a side-force equal to the changing angle of the wind. This is verified by a Stability Index, a testing protocol which ENVE borrows from the Formula One industry. ENVE remains the only cycling manufacturer to measure its wheels by such a demanding metric.

To rate a wheelset on this index, the front wheel is subjected to quick changes in wind degree at set yaw angles, and the steering torque of user-correction is then measured. This means you won't be thrown across the road when a sharp turn radically changes your orientation to the wind, and you'll also enjoy more stability in gusty conditions, eliminating unfortunate surprises while cruising in the bunch.

It is essential to recognize that you can have all the aerodynamic functions in the world, but if a wheelset disintegrates at the first sign of less than optimal road conditions, they are meaningless. ENVE’s engineers have put as much care into the materials as they have aerodynamics, knowing that carbons gains strength from continuously wrapped fibres. ENVE routes the fibres around each hole in a 100% intact design, adding strength, rigidity, and less material for a lighter rim. The SES series boasts the highest strength to weight ratio on the market.

Finally, it's worth noting that the 4.5s' generous interior widths grant your tyres a lower rolling resistance at a lower PSI, so you can enjoy a ride that's both faster and more comfortable. The tyres will also deform less while cornering, so they'll keep a better grip on the road and let you carry more speed through turns. The wheels are finished with one of the best hubs in the world, the DT Swiss 180’s.
• Rim Material: Carbon Fibre
• Use Type: Road cycling, cyclocross
• Wheel Size: 700c
• Tire Type: Clincher
• Rim Depth: (front) 48mm, (rear) 56mm
• Internal Rim Width: (front) 18.5mm, (rear) 17mm
• External Rim Width: (front) 27mm, (rear) 25.5mm
• ERD: 563/545
• Brake Compatibility: Caliper
• Hubs: DT Swiss 180
• Spokes: DT Swiss Aerolite
• Spoke Count: 20/24
• Claimed Weight: 1526g
• Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years

• ENVE carbon specific brake pads
• ENVE valve extenders
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