ethirteen Helix Race 9-50T 12sp Cassette Intergalactic/Nickel

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556% Gear Range The Helix Race cassette by ethirteen offers a whopping 546% gear range. At the low end there is a 9T chain ring for a rider wanting to get the power out. The 9T also allows the rider to reduce their front chain ring size and thus increase ground clearance. The 50t on the back provides the ability to spin up the steepest climbs with ease. Light Weight At 345g the cassette is one of, if not the lightest MTB 12sp cassette on the market. Despite this low price the Helix race also weights less than it's main rivals. Shimano + Sram Compatibility The Helix Race is compatible with either a Sram or Shimano drivetrain. This has been achieved through ethirteen building their cassette to sit exactly in the middle of the two and offer excellent performance with both brands. The cassette also offers riders with XD free hub wheels the ability to run a Shimano 12sp group set without the added cost of a Mircospline Freehub. XD Driver Freehub The Helix Race is compatible with XD driver freehubs. Replaceable parts ethirteen understands that cassettes will wear out the chainring rings at different points in time depending on riding style. As such, ethirteen offer the cassette to be replaced in two separate parts. This reduces cost as only the worn section will need to be replaced. The 42/50T cluster is aluminium which reduces weight, this part can be replaced to refresh the larger cogs. The other half is built from steel and designed to be ridden for considerable periods of time.
• 9-50T Cassette • 556% Range • Shimano + Sram 12sp compatible • Intergalactic features PVD finishing which is twice as durable as anodised models • Sram XD/XDR Driver compatible (Not Shimano Freehub compatible) • 345grams • Two piece construction • 12speed (9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 23, 27, 31, 36, 42,50) • 2x Aluminium Cogs (42 and 50T) • 10 x Steel Cogs (9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 23, 27, 31, 36)