ethirteen LG1 Enduro Plus 27.5x2.35" Semi-Slick 72TPI Single Ply TR Folding MTB Tyre

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The tightly-spaced, straight-stacked centre knobs provide low surface resistance without reducing traction in heavy braking or climbing situations. Angled sipes soften the side knobs for predictable traction, without allowing the tyre to "squirm" or roll under heavy cornering. Finally, directional sipes benefit braking and cornering, without sacrificing durability. RACE compounds feature soft, tacky cornering knobs and with a longer-wearing centre-tread compound. PLUS compounds utilize the longer-wearing compound across the entire surface of the tyre, with an even harder base compound to further wear characteristics, without sacrificing traction.
• Aramid reinforced casing • High-tack side knobs • Slow-rebound rubber • Tubeless ready • Folding bead • Apex inserts • Semi-Slick Tyre • Size: 27.5" • Width: 2.35" • Ply Count: Single Ply 72TPI • Compound: Plus • Weight: 955g