Freedom Mustang 700x28c Dino Skin Foldable Tyre

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A new generation of training tyre, the Mustang has been designed to be the most durable and reliable tyre for road bikes. The casing features bead to bead Shark Skin+ anti-puncture technology with an added Dino Skin Kevlar® K3 protective layer to achieve an extraordinary level of puncture protection. The purpose designed rubber compound withstands many miles of riding while providing grip and predictability in all conditions. This is the ideal road tyre for training, commuting, and club racing. Key Features: • Dino Skin: Superior puncture protection consisting of high density light weight mesh fabric K3 (Kevlar 3) placed under the tread. K3 is one of the key materials in army flak jackets. • Shark Skin + protection system from bead to bead for total protection. Shark Skin + uses a high density 40 x 40 Nylon Breaker that provides high puncture protection. • Foldable beads of spun Aramid fibres keep the tyre secured to the rim.
• Dino Skin provides superior puncture protection • Shark Skin bead to bead for total protection • Provides higher puncture protection • Foldable beads keep the tyre secured to the rim • Bead is made of spun Aramid fibres