Freedom Typhoon 27.5"x2.25mm TR Foldable MTB Tyre

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Well-spaced tapered bidirectional centre blocks deliver reduce rolling resistance while delivering traction in spades, under both acceleration and braking. The directional shoulder blocks ensure smooth and predictable high speed cornering. The Typhoon is the tyre that can do it all on wet or dry trails. Key Features: • Shark Skin + protection system from bead to bead for total protection. Shark Skin + uses a high density 40 x 40 Nylon Breaker that provides high puncture protection. • Dual compound utilises 2 compounds in different locations within the tread of the tyre. The centre compound is optimised for exceptional treadwear and low rolling resistance. The progressively softer shoulder compounds provide increased grip while cornering. • Can be run with or without a tube. If run tubeless, sealant and TR rim is required. Can be run at lower air pressures, which improves traction. • Foldable beads keep the tyre secured to the rim but are lighter weight and makes tyre easily transportable. The bead is made of spun Aramid fibres.
• Shark Skin + protection system • Provides high puncture protection • Dual compound • Exceptional treadwear and low rolling resistance • Increased grip while cornering • Tubeless Ready • Can be run at lower air pressures • Foldable beads