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Garmin External Power Pack (Edge 800)

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There's no need to bring your cycling expedition to a screeching halt on account of drained batteries. Take it to the limit with the External Battery Pack - a joint initiative from powermonkey and eXplorer, given the GARMIN seal of approval. With three ways to charge the battery pack, you won't be bereft of options, but you will be out of excuses if your Edge 800 runs out mid-event.

- Features -

Extra Life
There's no excuse when you're out of juice. On a full charge you can get up to an extra 20 hours out of the included battery pack.

Threefold Path
Solar, Mains or USB - there's just no reason not to knuckle-down and press on.

Compact, Portable
Comes with an adjustable Velcro strap, allowing you to provide your solar cell or battery pack the most secure, ideal placement.

Exposed components (solar panel, battery pack) come are rubberised to soften collision and reduce wear.

- Compatibility -

Dakota 10
Dakota 20
Edge 500
Edge 800
Forerunner 110
Forerunner 205
Forerunner 210
Forerunner 305
Forerunner 310XT
Forerunner 405
Forerunner 405CX
Forerunner 410
Forerunner 610
Forerunner 910XT
Oregon 200
Oregon 300
Oregon 400c
Oregon 450
Oregon 450t
Oregon 550

- Includes -

External Power Pack (mini-USB)
Folding Solarmonkey Solar Panel
Female USB2 Connector
Female mini-USB to 3.5 x 1.1 Convertor
Bike Bracket (with Velcro Strap)
Universal Mains Adaptor
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