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Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Standard

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Test your stamina and improve your fitness with the Garmin heart rate monitor. Wireless communication to your compatible device displays your vital information instantaneously and lets you know how you are performing.

• Front of strap contains heart rate module in a flexible plastic casing
• Back of strap made of soft fabric and is adjustable
• One-time pairing with compatible device, thereafter pairing is automatic
• Fabric is removable and hand-washable
• Water resistant: 10m (no transmission while swimming)
• Battery Life: Approximately 3 years (based on average use of 1 hour per day)
• Battery: User-replaceable size CR2032 (3 volts)
• Operating Temperature: -10°C–50°C
• Radio Frequency/Protocol: 2.4 GHz ANT wireless communications protocol
• Range: 3 m
• Compatible with the following devices:
o Colorado® 300
o Colorado® 400c
o Colorado® 400i
o Colorado® 400t
o Dakota® 20
o Edge® 305
o Edge® 500
o Edge® 510
o Edge® 705
o Edge® 800
o eTrex® 30
o fēnix™
o Forerunner® 110
o Forerunner® 210
o Forerunner® 305
o Forerunner® 310XT
o Forerunner® 405
o Forerunner® 405CX
o Forerunner® 410
o Forerunner® 50
o Forerunner® 610
o Forerunner® 910XT
o Foretrex® 401
o FR60
o FR70
o Garmin ANT+™ adapter for iPhone®
o Garmin Fit™
o GPSMAP® 62s
o GPSMAP® 62sc
o GPSMAP® 62st
o GPSMAP® 62stc
o GPSMAP® 78s
o GPSMAP® 78sc
o Montana® 600
o Montana® 650
o Montana® 650t
o Oregon® 300
o Oregon® 400c
o Oregon® 400i
o Oregon® 400t
o Oregon® 450
o Oregon® 450t
o Oregon® 550
o Oregon® 550t
o Oregon® 600
o Oregon® 600t
o Oregon® 650
o Oregon® 650t
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