Huck Norris Tubeless Puncture Protection 34-45mm Inner Rim Single

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What’s the only thing scarier than seeing Huck Norris? Not seeing Huck Norris….. This product will stay out of sight on your bike and still complete its mission. Introducing Huck Norris, the puncture prevention ninja. Huck to flat with no worries, with this guy is in your tyre fighting off Bruce Leaks! Also helps prevent the intrusion of Snake Bites and Nasty Dents. So why would you use this product? We’ll let the Finnish inventors explain: “It’s really simple, if you want more protection from pinch flats in your tubeless setup, you "can" add material to sidewalls of the tyre, but that stiffens the casing and results significantly more rolling resistance. We added the material inside the tyre, so that it has no impact on rolling resistance, and material is exactly where it needs to be to dampen hard impacts to the tyre, making it light, simple and efficient. We are all racing MTB's ourselves. We have tried all current commercial solutions available and ghetto tubeless. We were not happy, and this is the best we could come up with. Ghetto tubeless works, but is major pain to install. Other commercial solutions are over engineered, heavy, expensive and require rim modifications or weaken the rim too much.” Huck Norris is delivered in 29″ length. To get 27.5″ version you just cut it shorter. There are marks where to cut. Can also be cut to suit 26″ tyres (require shortening by 19cm). It is the same product for all wheel sizes. With Huck Norris, the rocks get punctures when you ride!
• Run lower pressures and get more traction! • Vastly reduce the possibility of pinch flatting a tubeless tyre setup • Reduce the likelihood of damaging your precious rims • Aids in tubeless setup, reduces the need for a compressor to seat the bead • No changes required to the rim, no glue needed • No more using downhill tyres on trail bikes to avoid pinch flats • 70-85g weight • All sizes fit 26”, 27.5” and 29” tyres • Made in Finland • Suits inner rim width of 34-45mm (typically plus size tyres, 27.5"+ and 29"+) • Contains one Huck Norris to fit to one tyre • Please Note: Supplied product is Grey in colour