Knog Bandicoot 100 Lumen Rechargeable Headlamp

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Headtorch Game Changer Bandicoot is a stylish, streamlined, lightweight, reliable USB rechargeable headlamp in a silicon body. The strap, body and LEDs are seamlessly merged into a silicone body that is simple to adjust, set and forget, or adjust on the fly. It will slide easily in your hair, is easy to clean and made to be durable and reliable. Useful Light Modes Weighing in at just 60g the super-lightweight bandicoot is the perfect multi-use headlamp for camping, trail running, hiking, climbing, fishing, reading and pretty much anything else. Bandicoot comes with useful modes, including a red night LED, ambient, spot, reading and combo modes, all of which have 4 brightness settings. Modes can be optimised for brightness or run times so if, for instance, run time is important use the reading setting on the lowest brightness and expect 80 hours run time, or for maximum visibility the combo mode on highest brightness will give you 2 hours run time. You can customise your settings using the Modemaker app and learn to tame your Bandicoot. Designed to be Exposed to the Elements Bandicoot is 100% Waterproof and tested to IP67. It requires no charging cable, plugging directly into USB ports. Clever Optics The 4 sets of LEDs are optimally placed for their individual purpose – a high beam to see by, elliptical beams for broad ambient light, a red light for night/low light and down lights for reading.
• Light Modes: Spot, Ambient, Red Night LED, Combo and Reading • Programmable: Programme your bandicoot using Modemaker • Integrated USB Plug: No charging cable required, plugs directly into USB ports • Designed to be exposed to the elements • 100% Waterproof: Bandicoot is waterproof and tested to IP67 • Dimmable: Each mode has 4 brightness settings • Clever Optics: The 4 sets of LEDs are optimally placed for their individual purpose • Lightweight: Weighs only 60 grams • Range: Has a range of up to 40 metres Specifications • Waterproof: tested to IP67 • Weight: 60 grams • Range: up to 40 metres Modes/Runtimes • Combo: 100 Lumens 2hr; Min Lumens 13hr • Spot: 85 Lumens 2.5hr; Min Lumens 17hr • Ambient: 35 Lumens 5.5hr; Min Lumens 28hr • Red LED: 8 Lumens 7hr; Min Lumens 32hr