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Lazer Genesis Lifebeam Helmet Silver/White

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Cyclists who want to monitor and improve their performance cannot ignore their heart rate and other vital functions. Your heart rate provides a window to an individual’s fitness and athletic ability. When you keep track of your heart rate during your exercise, you will be able to ensure the safety of your fitness program. Everybody has a range of heart beat which is considered normal, if you go beyond the normal range, you are going beyond the safety parameters of your workout. If this is the case, you should slow down gradually and then take a rest.

Another good reason to record your heart rate during exercise is to gauge your progress. When you monitor your heart rate and it does not go above your resting heart rate, you will know that you're not working hard enough. This will help you adjust your workout to ensure that you will get favourable results from it.

The most common way of tracking your heart beat is by using a chest strap. Computers, smartphones, watches and other modern communication tools can all connect to the chest strap to tell you your heart beat. But what if that chest straps starts to feel annoying, or maybe the straps chafe and irritate you.

This can all be solved with the smart system. This is a collaboration between Lazer and Lifebeam. A sensor is placed within the existing head band of the helmet and communicates with a processing unit at the back of the helmet. The processing unit can transmit this data to any modern communication device to tell you what your heart rate is. This eliminates the need for a chest strap and lets you monitor your heart rate with the helmet you would normally wear anyway.
• Fit System: Rollsys retention system
• Construction: in-Mold (6pc)
• Ventilation: 19 vents
• Coolmax
• Winter padding
• Adjustable head basket
• Rigidity Brace System (RBS)
• Integrated heart rate monitoring
• No more chest straps
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