Maxima Dot 5.1 Racing Brake Fluid 118ml

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High Performance Brake Fluid Suitable for use in Dot 3, Dot 4 and Dot 5.1 systems this high-performance, non-silicone base, Maxima Racing Brake Fluid is designed to ensure maximum stopping power and protection for critical brake system components under the most extreme racing conditions. This small 4fl oz (118ml) bottle is an ideal size for race meets and occasional home maintenance sessions. Anti-Vapor Lock Formulation Available from Pushys at an attractively affordable price this racing brake fluid has been painstakingly developed to incorporate a special, anti-vapour lock formulation in order to achieve unparalleled responsiveness and performance through the prevention of water contamination and vaporization in any environment. Resists Corrosion & Oxidation Advanced chemistry in the formula helps further to resist corrosion and oxidation. Maxima Racing Brake Fluid is compatible with SBR, EPDM and natural rubbers and has a high boiling point of over 516°F. It has been extensively tested and shown to exceed the requirements of US FMVSS 116 Dot 5.1, Dot 3 & Dot 4, SAE J1703, SAE J1704 and ISO 4925 (Classes 3, 4 and 5.1). Don't Mix It With Silicone Based Fluids This product is suitable for use in all hydraulic brake systems specifying Dot 5.1 brake fluids. While it is safe to mix it with other Dot 3 and Dot 4 brake fluids, great care should be taken to ensure you DO NOT USE IT in DOT 5 silicone brake systems or mix it with silicone based fluids. Suitable For Most Braking Systems Made in the USA this bike specific brake fluid from Maxima Racing Oils is recommended for all US, UK, Japanese and European brake systems. Designed for use in compatible high-performance vehicles it delivers proven performance in the world’s most extreme racing applications. Why not grab a bottle today and experience the difference for yourself.
• Maxima Dot 5.1 Racing Brake Fluid • High performance brake fluid • High boiling point, over 500 degrees • Anti-vapour lock formula • Resists corrosion & oxidation • Durable and reliable stopping power • Fights water contamination and vaporization • Mixes with other Dot 3, Dot 4 brake fluids • Do not use with DOT 5 silicone brake systemsDo not mix it with silicone based fluids • Safe for use with SBR, EPDM and natural rubbers • Suitable for all US, UK, Japanese & European brake systems Specifications • Product Code: 80-82904 • Dry Boiling Point: 269°C | 516°F • Wet Boiling Point: 187°C | 369°F • Volume: 118ml | 4 fl oz • Bottle Dimensions: 108 x 55 x 34mm (H x W x D) • Bottle & Contents Weight: 143g • Manufacturer: Maxima Racing Oils • Country of Manufacture: USA