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MET Elfo Kids Helmet Unisize

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MET’s kids helmets have always evolved from a simple but great idea to not just reproduce adult models in a smaller size but to pay special attention to the specific demands of MET’s youngest customers.

Even the Elfo is not a small version of Genio, it has its own shape with greater head coverage and is better suited to babies. Other examples of specific adaptations: the back of the helmet is almost vertical to enable the child to sit up straight in the bike seat and then there is the Bimbi-Secure internal geometry concept. It ensures there is no contact between the helmet and the fontanel, the most fragile zone of the child’s head, even on impact.
• Twin Shell: cost-effective construction technique. The exterior - coloured - shell is applied to the polystyrene foam after the latter has been moulded
• Bimbi Secure: in the event of an impact, the shock is dispersed away from the fontanels, the area of the skull which doesn’t fully close until after the first years of life
• Bimbi Plus: back of the helmet is designed vertical and flat so the children can lean back and hold their head up comfortably in the baby seat
• Integrated Visor: extra protection for the eyes and the face of the child
• Safe-T E-Twist size adjuster: LED light, which is easy to press on, is integrated into the central dial adjuster
• Anti-Pinch Buckle: designed to avoid any pinching, even when used clumsily
• Insect Net: prevents insects from entering the helmet through the front air intakes
• Suits even the youngest kids, from 46-53cm cm head size
• Reflective stickers
• Weight: 230g
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