Mitas Electron 700x45c E-Protec 360 Wire Bead e-Bike Tyre

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E-Bike Confidence Mitas’ Electron tread pattern is specifically designed for city e-bikes providing increased traction on the sides of the tread providing confidence through better grip in corners. E-PROTEC 360° technology increases puncture resistance, riding comfort and the reflective sidewall strip ensures safety under reduced visibility conditions. The tyre is certified for e-bikes up to 50 km/h (EHK75). Reliability and Puncture Resistance A puncture protection layer is incorporated in the design bead to bead, between tread and casing, providing high structural strength and hardness, as well as preventing punctures and cuts. Enhanced Visibility A 10mm wide reflective sidewall strip provides reflectivity from all angles, increasing your visibility to other road users, increasing your safety.
• Low Weight • Puncture Resistance Barrier: E-Protec 360° • Low Rolling Resistance • Higher Pressure • High Driving Comfort • Wire Bead Specifications • Size: 700 x 45C (28 x 1.75 x 2) • Construction: Dynamic; light, high pressure, riding comfort • Tread Compound: OC • Technology: E-Protec 360° • Weight: 800g • Sidewall: Black with Reflective Strip • Category: e-Bike