Monkey's Sauce Bicycle Brake Cleaner 400mL

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Monkey’s Sauce Brake Cleaner Dries Quickly Without Residue Brakes are essential to any bike and keeping them clean with MONKEY'S SAUCE BICYCLE BRAKE CLEANER is the best way to ensure you get maximum performance and lifespan from them. Its simple "spray-on, wipe off" application allows you to clean faster with satisfying ease and the product dries quickly without leaving any residue. Improve Braking Performance, Reduce Brake Squeal MONKEY'S SAUCE BRAKE CLEANER quickly eliminates contaminants like dirt, dust, brake oil, grease and mud etc. to improve overall braking performance and reduce brake squeal. Rehydrate your disc brake pads, prolong disc pad life and ride with confidence in your braking ability wherever you go. Completely Safe Suitable for use on all braking systems MONKEY'S SAUCE BRAKE CLEANER has a low toxicity that does not damage seals or components and is perfectly safe to use on rubber, plastic, painted surfaces and anodised metals.
• Super-efficient Monkey’s Sauce bicycle brake cleaner • Aerosol spray-on application (400mL) • Suitable for use on all braking systems • Reduces brake squeal • Evaporates quickly to leave a dry finish • Leaves no residue • Suits most rubber, plastic, painted surfaces and anodised metals • Quickly and safely removes oil, brake fluid, grease, dirt and mud etc