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Muc-Off Athlete Performance Amino Ultra Endurance Cream 150ml

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When you're competing at the highest level, you need to ensure your body is ready to be put to the test. To ensure your body can go the distance, you need Muc-Off Ultra Endurance Cream, specifically formulated with Elite Athletes to ensure improved removal of exercise waste products such as lactatic acid, which cause exhiastion. Absorbed through your skin, this ensures the fastest method of action, so you can feel the cream working instantly.
• The Amino Taurine helps convert Glycogen into Glucose which is your muscles main fuel
• Does not contain any materials that are prohibited by WADA
• Developed specifically for Endurance athletes to help combat the build up of lactic acid
• Reduces ‘arm pump’ for MX, Downhill MTB or Motorsports
• Featuring the ground breaking ‘Amino Patch Technology’
• Increases muscle’s cell volume capacity, achieving greater muscle/protein synthesis
• A non-toxic, skin friendly, plant derived natural formula
• Does not interfere with the body’s digestive system
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