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Nathan Nebula Fire Crossover Head Light Steel Grey

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The Nebula Headlamp actively monitors ambient light, such as car headlights, and triggers the Auto-Strobe safety feature. The touch-free RunWave sensor allows runners to cycle through five lighting modes without breaking stride.

The Crossover Kit allows the Nebula to be mounted on a runner's headstrap, an on-body clip or a bounce-free bike handle bar. The Clip Mount attaches to the back plate of the headlamp and allows the user to mount the Nebula on a belt, strap, band or pocket. The Bike Handlebar Mount attaches the back plate of any Nathan headlamp and fits virtually any road or mountain bike for bounce-free illumination.
• LED: 192+ max Lumens
• Battery: 1500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
• Burn Time: 25 hours
• Water Resistance: IPX4 - weather resistant
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