OAKLEY Airbrake MTB Goggles Kokoro/Prizm MX Low Light Lens

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Fog-Free Airbrake MTB Goggles When it's imperative that you see subtle transitions in dirt conditions for making split-second decisions your first choice of eyewear should be OAKLEY's Airbrake MTB Goggles. This particular model is presented in a black gunmetal frame fitted with a Prizm Low Light lens with 76% light transmission for you to really excel in mountain bike terrain and off-road conditions. Benefits Of A Large Lens These OAKLEY Airbrake MTB Goggles offer an exceptionally wide view point and their lenses are made of durable, high impact Plutonite® with anti-fog technology. The lens provides a great shield against any water, mud and grit being flung up off the ground by other riders. High Definition Optics For the clearest, sharpest, most accurate vision these OAKLEY Airbrake MTB Goggles effortlessly outperform conventional lenses by using HDO® Technology (High Definition Optics) to eliminate any kind of image distortion. While conventional lenses can magnify your viewing range HDO offers a truer visual image in terms of refraction, as well as greater clarity and less distorted vision across your entire field of view. 100% UV Protection Not just a great way to gain the heads up on the trail ahead, OAKLEY's Airbrake MTB Goggles are ideal for all riders who want protection from dangerous hazards and freakish weather. Further protecting your eyes, OAKLEY lenses also block 100% of UVA, UVB & UVC rays and harmful tan brown off-white metallic light up to 400nm, but it's the fact that these sport glasses perform as well as they look that really makes them irresistible. Prizm Lens Prizm™ is a revolution in lens optics built on decades of colour science research. Prizm™ lenses provide unprecedented control of light transmission resulting in colours precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility. They have been engineered to help you perform over a wider range of lighting conditions thus reducing the need to switch lenses as lighting conditions change. Enhanced colour and crisp vision helps athletes to make the most of any activity. Interchangeable Lenses Should it actually be necessary to swap lenses to suit extreme light or weather conditions OAKLEY's Switchlock Technology allows you to change them in a matter of seconds. It's the best way to save room and weight in your essentials kit. Riding with just one frame and one or two other sets of lenses to swap when the need arises will provide all the adaptability you need for any environment. Factory Lite Vent Mesh Factory lite vent mesh provides maximum air flow and ventilation for high energy exertion rates similar to Motocross but at slower speeds where extra air ventilation might be required to prevent fogging and compromised visibility. It also maintains protection from debris ingress of larger objects or rocks being kicked up from a Mountain bike without choking off required air flow.
• OAKLEY Airbrake MTB Goggles with Prizm Low Light lens • Provides crucial eye-shielding protection • Fully adjustable strap • Compatible with existing MX Lenses and Accessories • Factory lite vent mesh • Plutonite lens construction • Sharper vision with High Definition Optics (HDO) • Ideal for wet, muddy and mountain conditions • 100% UV Protection • Great coverage from the elements • Fog-free vision (F3 anti-fog coating) • Switchlock technology • Replaceable/interchangeable lens • Offers extensive peripheral vision • Enhanced visibility & improved contrast • Stabilizer system for a balanced fit Specifications • Frame Colour: Kokoro • Lens Colour: Prizm Low Light • Strap Colour: Kokoro • Fit: Standard • Product Code: OO7107-0500 • Light Transmission: 76% • RX-Able: No • Lenses Material: Pure Plutonite® Synthetics • Frame Material: Plastic • Base: Toric Lenscal Lens • Technology: HDO® Technology (High Definition Optics)