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Oakley DRT5 Helmet With MIPS Protection Just the thing for ripping down technical descents, this OAKLEY DRT5 HELMET is built with optimised airflow & ventilation to help keep you cool plus integrated MIPS protection to protect your skull in the event of a crash. This helmet, designed in close collaboration with 3x World Champion Downhill racer Greg Minnaar, meets all Australia Safety Standards for cycling helmets. MIPS Brain Protection System Developed to reduce rotational violence causing strain to the brain at angled impacts. MIPS mimics the brain’s own protection system by adding a low friction layer between the head and the helmet. A helmet with MIPS can absorb more energy from an angled impact and strives to save the rider from significant brain injury in the event of a crash. BOA 360° Dial Fit System Construction of the OAKLEY DRT5 MIPS HELMET includes a BOA 360° Dial Fit System offering great fit-flexibility and a soft, textile feel. The TX1 Lace lies flat against your head also allowing for seamless eyewear compatibility. Another welcome feature of the helmet is the integrated eyewear dock which will securely stow your sunnies for quick and easy access when needed. Odour-Fighting, Anti-Bacterial Padding & Silicone Gel Sweat Guard X-Static Brow Padding harnesses the power of silver to create a powerful technology which inhibits the growth of bacteria on fabric, thus eliminating odour for the life of the product. As well as the traditional interchangeable X-Static brow pad the OAKLEY DRT5 MIPS HELMET comes with a ribbed, silicone gel sweat-guard which is designed to collect and divert sweat from the forehead to behind the ear to help keep your eyewear streak-free. Finishing Touches Expertly fine-tuned for days of action-filled excitement, the OAKLEY DRT5 MIPS MTB HELMET is fitted with a 6-position, adjustable visor which can be tilted back far enough for quick goggle storage along the front of the helmet if desired. A special OAKLEY helmet travel bag and OAKLEY decal are also included as well as a secondary set of pads. Eyewear Landing Zone Not Included Please note that in international markets the DRT5 comes with an "Eyewear Landing Zone" which employs a set of plastic clips to hold your sunglasses in place further back on the head. This feature is not included on Australian models as the helmets, with these clips, do not meet Australian Standards. Please disregard any images used in our gallery which might show this feature.
• Oakley DRT5 unisex cycling helmet with MIPS • Adjustable visor (six-positions) • Optimised airflow & ventilation to keep you comfortably cool • M.I.P.S. revolutionary brain protection system included • X-Static® anti-bacterial brow padding • BOA 360° Fit System • Silver Technology in padding inhibits odour-causing bacteria growth • Silicone gel sweat guard • TX1 Lace lies flat against the head • Ideal for mountain bike cyclists • Ships with secondary set of pads • Helmet travel bag and Oakley decal included • Meets Australian safety standards Specifications • Product Name: Oakley DRT5 Helmet • Age/Gender: Adult Unisex (Male, Female) • Part #: 99479AU-009 • Colour Name: Black/Red • Suits: MTB | Trail | Downhill • Sizes (Western): 52-56cm (Small) | 54-58cm (Medium) | 56-60cm (Large) • Weight (approx): 380g (Small), 420g (Medium), 450g (Large) • Certifications (Australia): AS/NZS 2063:2008 • Certifications (Other): CPSC 1203 | CE EN1078