Open WI.DE Frame Kit Matte Grey

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The OPEN U.P. inspired a generation of gravel bikes that could fit up to 2.1” tyres. The WI.DE. (Winding Detours) can run even bigger tyres while still fitting road cranks!
The monster tyres help you conquer the most extreme terrain, the performance geometry & narrow Q-factor keep you efficient while the steering geometry keeps you nimble.
With 650b gravel or mountain bike tyres up to 2.4”, rutted singletrack, slippery roots and loose rocks are no match
With 700c gravel tyres up to 46mm, even the toughest gravel roads are tackled at lightning speed
With 700c road tyres (we recommend 35-40mm wide), you have the most comfortable road bike ever invented
The U.P.’s dropped chainstay has become Open's most copied frame feature ever. No wonder, as it is a great way to create more tyre clearance.

The WI.DE. goes one better. By dropping both chainstays, the monostay just behind the bottom bracket becomes a very efficient box structure. This increases BB stiffness, reduces weight and squeezes even more tyre clearance out of the frame.

Finding ways to fit the biggest possible tyre into a bike with road geometry and road cranks is one of Open's specialties. The WI.DE. does this thanks to the double-drop chainstays mentioned above and a dedicated 1x frame design. Since most of Open's customers run 1x drivetrains, they can use the inner chainring space to move the chainstay outward and increase tyre clearance.

As a result, the WI.DE. comfortably accepts up to 2.4” tyres in 650b (or 46mm on 700c wheels). Actual tyre width depends on tyre model and rim width, so measure instead of relying on the tyre label.

Most riders know that with the right bike geometry, even big tyres can be fast. The WI.DE. takes this to the extreme. Of course, a massive tyre is not as fast as a pure road tyre, but the delta is small enough that it doesn’t detract from the on-road fun. And off-road, there is no comparison.

Equally important is the handling as Open have a reputation to protect (check out the media reviews about the U.P. handling).

The WI.DE. retains its agility with anything from massive mountain tyres to road tyres.

Forget “100% hi-modulus aero-space carbon”. It’s not about high- or low-modulus, it’s about the right carbon in the right spot (or TRCinTRS™ ).

Fact: stiffer carbon is more brittle. So, it's great for stiffness (on the sides of the downtube) but bad for impact loads (for example around the headtube).

Hence the best lay-up is a blend. Open strategically place the ultra-high modulus (very stiff) carbon where they can, and tougher grades of carbon where they must. That’s how their frames are both light and durable.

Open's U-Turn fork has always had massive tyre clearance, making it the perfect match for the WI.DE. It’s also very light, thanks to another Open innovation: Smartmount.

Smartmount attaches the calliper directly onto the fork, without any adaptors. The mounts are positioned pre-set for 160mm discs (the only sensible choice for gravel bikes). Lighter, cleaner, stiffer and safer. Check the specifications for more details on how to mount each brand of calliper.

As your Wide Detours get wider, you want to take more stuff but without it getting unwieldy. So you can mount an extra bottle under the downtube and a toolbox under the BB, ideal for stability.

The toolbox mounts are off-centre to create extra clearance to the chainring. If you don’t use a toolbox, you can mount a larger water bottle under the downtube.

The WI.DE. is also designed to take a (strapless) toptube bag as well as saddle, handlebar and frame bags for longer high-speed adventures.

Vertically thin chainstays and seatstays provide compliance, while their lateral width and layup ensure rock-solid propulsion. Truly the best of both worlds.

The downtube drives stiffness, connecting your steering centre to your drivetrain. The flat sides places strips of ultra-high modulus carbon where it matters most.

A zero-offset seatpost is lighter & more efficient, so the seattube angle is designed such that most riders can use a zero-offset rather than an off-set seatpost.

Internal cables & hoses stay clean & protected and frankly, they look better. Open's MultiStop design accepts 1x, 2x, mechanical, Di2 and eTap.

This design uses the same threads to hold the thru-axle and lock the derailleur hanger into the frame. Simpler, lighter, optimized for the stiffest thru-axle: Syntace X-12.
Front & rear brake callipers direct mount onto the fork & frame positioned for 160mm discs. No front or rear adaptors/spacers required.
• Model: WI.DE (Winding Detours)
• Material: Carbon-fibre
• Frame-only size M, ±3%: 1040g
• Fork-only weight, ±3%: 390g
• Sizes: XS/S/M/L/XL
• Colour: Grey matte/gloss mix, RTP (Ready-to-paint)
• A clearcoat is not needed for UV protection but recommended to protect against scratches and wear. Some customers leave the frame bare
• BB standard: BB386EVO pressfit 86x46mm BB shell
• Shimano crank fit: All road cranks
• SRAM crank fit: All GXP road, all DUB road, Force 1 BB30
• Front derailleur mount: none, 1x drivetrains only
• Recommended ring shape: Flat (for example Wolftooth)
• Minimum 1x ring size: 38t (flat & offset rings)
• Maximum 1x ring size: 46t (flat ring), 42t (SRAM offset ring)
• Rear thru-axle: 142x12mm superlight Carbon-Ti X-12
• Front thru-axle: 100x12mm superlight Carbon-Ti X-12
• Front disc rotor size: 160mm only
• Front brake calliper mount: Smartmount 160 system with direct mount, no adaptors
• Front brake bolts SRAM: 37mm “REAR” brake bolts for 30mm "chainstay"
• Front brake bolts Shimano: 43mm “REAR” brake bolts for 30mm "chainstay"
• Rear disc rotor size: 160mm only
• Rear brake calliper mount: Smartmount 160 system with direct mount, no adaptors
• Rear brake bolts SRAM: 1x 27mm, 1x 32mm
• Rear brake bolts Shimano: 1x 33mm, 1x 38mm
• MultiStop internal system: Mechanical 1x, Di2, eTap
• Headset: Integrated IS42/28.6 | IS52/40
• Seatpost: 27.2mm diameter, standard set-up zero-offset
• Cage mounts: Seattube, downtube, under-downtube, under-BB
• TT bag mount system: 100mm front-post-to-headset-edge

In The Box
• Frame
• Fork
• Headset
• Seat tube collar
• Front & rear thru-axle
• 2 Rear derailleur hangers
• 3 MultiStops (1x, Di2, eTap)
• Cable exit stop
• Noise-reduction foam sleeves
• Bottle cage bolts
• Manual
Package ID: Oversize