Ortlieb 78L Back-Roller Pro Plus Pannier Bags (pair) Granite/Black

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Pro Plus Pannier Bags The ORTLIEB BACK-ROLLER PRO PLUS PANNIER SET (2xbags) delivers a massive 35 Litres carrying capacity for each bag for a combined interior cargo total of 70 Litres. Each pannier also has an additional non-waterproof, front pocket on the exterior giving you an additional 4 Litres of space which is ideal for keeping damp clothing separate from the rest. PVC Free Material ORTLIEB BACK-ROLLER PRO PLUS PANNIERS are constructed with durable Cordura fabric (PS36C) giving the bag a noble, woven-fabric look, which is also completely PVC-free. They'll keep your cargo perfectly dry so you'll feel confidently able to embark on a bike tour around the world, a European bike vacation or a multi-day tour with the family knowing that nothing needs to be left behind. Quick-Lock2.1 Mount System With the Quick-Lock2.1 system, the bag can be mounted quickly and securely to any bike rack with a tube diameter of up to 16 mm. Larger hooks (e.g. for e-bikes) are available separately. Features like the two strong 3M Scotchlite reflectors and proven roll closure add greatly to the appeal of this pannier set but perhaps it will be the additional front pocket which really seals the deal for you. Special Points Of Interest • Panniers come as a pair with 2 shoulder straps • Each pannier effectively delivers 39 Litres of carrying space • XL rear panniers (pair) with roll closure for extended touring with lots of equipment • Outer front pocket (1 x 4 Litres each) folds flat - ideal for damp clothing • Reflective thread on outer front pocket • PU-laminated Cordura material • Easy to clean inside • Two strong 3M Scotchlite reflectors • Integrated inner pocket and shoulder strap • QL2.1 mounting system for racks with tube diameter max. 16 mm • 20 mm hook available as accessory (e.g. for e-bikes) • Upper QL-hooks and lower hook adjustable without requiring any tools • Lower hook with anti-scratch function protecting the rack from abrasions • Symmetrical shape allows use on right or left side • Carrying handle for mounting and releasing the QL2.1 system • Automatically closing 16mm QL2.1 hooks • Exchangeable hook inserts with anti-scratch function (8, 10, 12 mm) • Can be combined on the rack with ORTLIEB Rack-Pack size 24 L or 31 L • Reduction inserts for tube diameters 8, 10 und 12 mm with anti-scratch-function protecting the rack from abrasions • Edge protector with slots for mounting the Carrying System Bike Pannier • Semi-elliptical hook rail made of two-component synthetic with anti-scratch function • Adjustable and rotatable mounting hook (in 15° steps) with anti-scratch function Box Contents 2 x 35L Back-Roller Pro Plus Pannier Bags 2 x Shoulder straps Reduction inserts for 8, 10 and 12 mm (two pairs per size) Optional Extras (sold separately) • Carrying System Bike Pannier • Anti-Theft-Device (E125) • Outer Pocket 1.8 Litre • Mesh-Pocket • Bottle-Cage • QL2.1 hook 20 mm Manufacturer Advice ATTENTION: Maximum load per pannier is 9kg / 20 lbs. We recommend weighing each loaded pannier to confirm that the maximum allowance of the pannier fixation is not exceeded. This practice is advised for both rear and front panniers. CAUTION: The maximum weight capacity of every bike carrier model is different. Please observe the maximum weight allowance of the carrier fitted to your bicycle. NOTE: Sometimes the maximum capacity of the panniers fixing system can exceed the maximum capacity of the carrier. DO NOT exceed the maximum capacity of the carrier! IMPORTANT: The use of panniers will significantly influence the handling properties of your bicycle. STANDARDS: In order to meet standard IP64 (6=dustproof 4=protected against splash water coming from all directions) the lid must be rolled 3-4 times.
• Ortlieb Back-Roller Pro Plus QL2.1 Pannier Set (pair) • 35 Litres internal waterproof storage each • 4 Litres non-waterproof external pocket on each bag • Water-tight roll closure • Made of durable PVC-free Cordura fabric (PS36C) • High-luminosity 3M Scotchlite reflectors • Shoulder straps (x 2) included • Easy to clean inside • Right and left-side mounting • Sold as a pair (2 x Pannier Bags) • Maximum load per pannier is 9kg (20 lbs) • Quick-Lock2.1 mounting system for racks up to 16 mm • Spacers for tube diameters of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm • Anti-scratch treated to reduce abrasions on rack • IP64 standard (6=dustproof, 4=water splash protection) • Ideal for European bike vacation or a multi-day tour with the family Specifications • Model Name: Back-Roller Pro Plus • Colour: Granite-Black • Size: X-Large • Product Code: F5251 • Material: PS36C • Bag Type: Pair • Adapter: Quick-Lock2.1 • Weight: 1004 g | 35.4 oz (each) • Height: 45 cm | 17 inch (each) • Upper Width: 36 cm | 14 inch (each) • Lower Width: 24 cm | 9 inch (each) • Depth: 26 cm | 10 inch (each) • Main Cavity Volume (each): 35 Litres (70L total) • Main Cavity Volume (each): 2135.8 cu.inch (4,271.6 cu.inch total) • Outer Pocket Volume (each): 4 Litres (8L total)