Pirelli Cinturato Cross Hard 700x33c TLR Folding Tyre Black

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Pirelli 700c Cyclocross-Specific Hard Terrain Tyre The tread on the PIRELLI CINTURATO CROSS HARD TERRAIN FOLDING TYRE (700 x 33c) features low, tightly packed knobs and possesses an elevated ability to adapt to the surrounding terrain. This Cyclocross-specific tyre offers a large contact area and therefore an excellent feel while riding. Knowing that you can ride in any weather on this tyre over any kind of compact, rocky or hardpack terrain whether dry or wet will free your mind to go beyond your limits and greatly expand your enjoyment options. Improved Rolling Efficiency What you come up against when going off road - loose rocks, hard pack, obstacles, water or roots - is all part of the adventure but the mechanical resistance and chemical grip of the SpeedGRIP Compound used in a PIRELLI CINTURATO CROSS H TYRE greatly reduces the ability of sharp objects to penetrate or cut through the tyre. The SpeedGRIP Compound formulation makes this tyre ideal for on and off-road rolling efficiency coupled with high tear resistance and high wet grip. Hard Terrain Specific Tread When riding at high speeds on hard surfaces, it is important to have excellent feel without sacrificing smoothness which is why the height of the knobs on the PIRELLI CINTURATO CROSS HARD TERRAIN TUBELESS READY TYRE is reduced to increase smoothness and limit deformation when cornering on hard terrain. The tread on this cyclocross-specific tyre is made with a rubber compound that guarantees grip, high adaptability to the terrain and, at the same time, high resistance to wear. Tubeless Ready You'll ride faster and more confidently on a PIRELLI CINTURATO CROSS H TYRE. It's constructed with a multi-ply 127tpi Nylon casing employing a woven fabric bead-to-bead layer. Add to that a TUBELESS READY Aramid folding bead which is optimised for low pressure riding on wide modern rims and you'll enjoy fewer punctures than your typical setup and a greater sense of safety on all compact terrain. Grab Your Cyclocross Bike Extras Too Forgotten anything? Must have's on any outing are spare tyres and tools (including chain tools and links) because, while heading away from civilisation has its perks, it will bite you on the bum if you’re ill-equipped for a mechanical breakdown. If you're replacing a tyre today ask yourself if you need to restock with associated spares or maybe update or replace a tool or two before you complete the transaction in your 'cart'.
• Pirelli Cinturato 700 x 33c tubeless ready folding tyre • Cyclocross specific • Hard terrain tyre for compact, rocky or hard surfaces • Tubeless Ready (for tube and tubeless use) • Designed to perform well in all weather conditions (dry or wet) • Superior casing & sidewall protection • Tread optimised for riding confidently over hard surfaces • High wet grip with SpeedGRIP compound • Aramid bead optimised for wide modern rims • Cut and abrasion resistant • High-strength woven Nylon fabric from bead to bead • Tread designed to increase smoothness and limit deformation when cornering • Multi-ply 127tpi Nylon casing construction • Designed for easy mounting on modern TLR wide rims • Sold as one single tyre Specifications • Product Name: Pirelli Cinturato Cross H (700x33c) • Colour: Black (Black/Red) • Part No: 3770500 • Tyre Size: 700c x 33c • Bead: Folding • Weight: 380g • TPI: 127tpi TLR casing • Tyre PSI: 75 • Tyre Diameter: 700C • Tyre Width: 33C • ISO: 622 • Tyre Width Range: 30 - 38 • Recommended Rim Width: 21C • Protection: Nylon bead to bead • Anti Puncture: Nylon fabric • Compound: SpeedGRIP Compound • Suits: Cyclocross, Gravel, MTB, Enduro